Friday, 8 June 2018

Winding it down in Brighton - 10 years is a long time - Friday 14 Sept - Andrew Weatherall.

Hideout Brighton | 211 Kings Road Arches BN1 1NB, Brighton, BN1 1NB, United Kingdom
This is the last Disco Deviant party we will be throwing locally. After 10 years I have decided it's time to stop running these parties in Brighton. It's been emotional. I will still be taking Disco Deviant on the road for parties elsewhere and am still in love with music and DJing. I just feel we should call time on what's been a fantastic decade of parties.  The final fling will be in November. Before that happens we have the Guv'nor....

Andrew Weatherall has remained a long term favourite of ours, he almost serves as a figurehead and guardian of the realm. Purveyor of quality underground music, a creative and inspired artist and one of the most satisfying DJ's to dance to.

Andrew's DJ schedule looks busier than ever and we are looking forward to having him join Pablo Contraband in the Disco Deviant booth one last time .

A long overdue visit from Tim Keenoy (The Date) who I am happy to welcome to the line up. He's a lovely chap and always makes me laugh a lot too.

Looking forward to this one immensely.  THERE ARE ONLY 100 ADV TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE


Let's see this thing off properly, together for one last time..