Saturday, 23 February 2013

Spike - Orange Cloud Nine

I haven't been able to stop listening to this since grabbing a copy a few weeks ago. The release is a full album of old material from Dutch artist Spike, who privately released a handful of albums in the early 80's. Sounding like the Eagles nicked some acid and then teamed up with The Alan Parsons Project for a fucked up studio session, it's a great collection of off kilter, trippy songs that keep the interest going by combining bitter sweet melodies and enchanting guitar work with some more darker and psychedelic twist and turns. A full release is planned soon.

There aren't many sound clips out there yet but there are quite a few bits off the album to be found on the excellent Golf Channel RA Mix from a few years back. A great listen that features a load of other Golf Channels tracks that we love.

You can download it here.

Track listing:

Spike: The Golden Eye
Gala Drop: Overcoat Heat
Ghost Note: Kapwa
Dominik Von Sender: No Name 2009
DJ Nature: Feeling Like a Woman
DJ Nature: It’s Over
DJ Nature: This Side of Heaven
DJ Nature: Everyone
Gala Drop: Izod
Ghost Note: Holy Jungle
Try To Find Me: Get to My Baby (TBD Extension)
Try To Find Me: Make Dance
Sexican: Liza Version In C#5
Justin Vandervolgen: Clapping Song
Ghost Note: Albularyo
Try To Find Me: Hey Love
Justin Vandervolgen: Sheebooyah
M.E.: R+B Drunkie
DJ Nature: Destiny Reprise
Spike: E.S. Rever
Spike: Fooling Around
Spike: Goodnight

Monday, 18 February 2013

Delayed Audio EP 2

Delayed Audio follow up their debut release with another standout multi artist EP featuring music from Ejeca & Chamboche, Last Moon, Ste Waite & Anthony Mansfield…

Brighton based Delayed Audio kick started in October last year with a brilliant various artist EP featuring quality, deep electronic music from the likes of Chamboche, Session 9 & Last Mood. The record had a superb reaction with DJs such as Huxley, Norm Talley, Matt Tolfrey & James Teej all getting behind it and Mixmag describing Delayed Audio as a ‘New label to watch”.

Now the label team of Richard Harmer & Paul Budd are ready to get the new year firing with the next chapter in the Delayed EP series featuring another 3 original gems and a sterling remix.

The record kicks off with a collaborative piece from producers Ejeca & Chamboche who deliver the excellent ‘Keep the Love’, a delightfully soulful slice of house that fuses elements of disco, garage, jazz and a whole lot more to create a real winner, sublime stuff.

Next up we have Session9, who drops the superb ‘Sequence in Time’, a Chicago influenced old school house workout that is as hypnotic and emotive as you could wish for! The original version is backed up by a remix from US producer Anthony Mansfield who turns in a spacious and brooding mix that is full of intensity.
Finally Ste Waite steps up with ‘Chasing Drops’ a skipping and shuffling deep house affair that utilizes deft musical touches to create an engaging record with real character.

With this second EP, Delayed Audio have reaffirmed their undoubted position as a label to keep a close eye on, enjoy!

We will be celebrating the release with Ejeca and Delayed Audio at Warehouse, Audio Brighton on Saturday 23 February

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ben's February Chart

New things we like......

Full chart here

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Disco Deviant podcast #3: Get down Edits

Irish duo Martin & Daz aka Get Down Edits have been on our radar for a while at disco Deviant. Their DJ mixes have been consistently good and when we realised they had a label too we started to buy their releases and chat online via soundcloud. They are going from strengthe to dtrength with guest slots around Europe coming in alongside their Dublin residencies. A natural choice for our podcast series and this mix features some fine selections, as usual programed very well. Enjoy!

1-Kastil-Baltimore thunder
2-B Jam- Choices
3-G & D- Boogie Nite
4-Casino Times-Some of her love
5-Kastil- Testify for you
6-Duff Disco- TLD
7-Sixth Avenue Express-Aint no use
8-Bt Express- Keep it up
9-Pied Piper- Sweet pain
10-Alkalino-U Can do
11-Kool and The Gang- Jungle Jazz
12-Bonar Bradbury-This way up
13-Thomass Jackson-We love the sound

Monday, 4 February 2013

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Laid Back - It's The Way You Do It (Velvet Spike Mix)

Great bit of 80's tackle here from Danish rockers Laid Back.

Probably best known best known for the hits 'Sunshine Reggae' and 'Baker Man', 'It's the Way You Do It' was the B Side to 1985's lesser known single 'One Life'. The Velvet Spike Remix does the trick here (Velvet Spike being the moniker of one Mr Shep Pettibone) turning this into balearic dance floor gold.

The Soul Clap remix of 'Baker Man' is well worth a tickle too.....