Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Revenge plays Brighton April 16 2010

Disco Deviant have booked one of the scene's most prolific DJ/producers - The Revenge. He has produced some of the finest tunes of recent years and his extended remixes certainly do the bizzo.

From the Ooft camp in Glasgow, The Revenge aka Graeme Clark has progressed from local DJ/Producer and blogger to an international DJ, showcasing his talents far and wide.

His sets are usually a mixture of his own productions, remixes and edits alongside some stellar disco treats and deep house and Detroit flavoured delicacies. Reports from his gigs have been glowing, and unlike some producers, this guy is definitely a DJ first and foremost.

This is a great chance to catch The Revenge on his Brighton debut, at Audio on Fri 16 April. He already has a string of bookings in 2010 including major festivals and a tour of Oz.

Also on the bill is Pablo Contraband delivering his disco centric sound, compromising of disco and funk edits and originals with some classic house usually included in the mix.

There is also a rumour;as yet unconfirmed, that the Wolf music guys will also be on DJ duty... quite a night. More details will follow early in 2010.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Greg Wilson Back @ The Loft – Brighton – Feb 12 2010

We are very pleased to announce Greg Wilson's next Brighton date back at the venue that absolutely rocked last February. This should be another stormer.

Disco Deviant
Credit to The Edit vol 2 release party.
Friday Feb 12 @ The Loft

Greg Wilson
Pablo Contraband

100 Early bird tickets @ £5 each will be available shortly via RA. - The last event was a total sell out so grab yours quick.

Here's some of the feedback from last time around:

Cheers to you and Gina for a fantastic night on Friday hope you'll organise loads more everybody said it was the best night in years! We all loved it, I had mates down from Wolves and Manchester and they said they hadn't been to such a cracking do in years, especially not in Brighton, great music great people..more..more..more please!!

Hey Paul just wanted to say thanks for friday getting the extra people in for us and putting on the best night out I've had in a long time Greg blew me away will def be coming over next time he is in town a. . . Keep us posted

That was just the best ever! I had such a good time, never wanted it to finish.. Well done you two for sorting it out.

Hey Paul + Gina, thanks for organizing a great night! Greg Wilson rocked the place! Sibel and I try to follow him wherever he goes :) Thanks again.. Had a big smile on my face the whole weekend after an amazing night @Loft..

you pulled it off you lovelies, one of the best nights I've ever had, the atmosphere was like a dream. Whens the next GW appearance round these parts? I want to bring my missus next time :-) :-) :-)

wicked night Paul....nice 1 for sorting that out...sterling job :)
The loft was a good choice....there was plenty of room to move around and dance.....vibe was good all night...
I'll do a little write up on my blog about the night when my braincells are in shape...and put a link to your next event
Thanks again!

Hey Guys

thank you soooo much for putting on last night . We all had a fabulous night. My hips hurt from all the dancin! I hope he never stops DJ'in ..even when he is 90.... as we can all keep on living the dream and pretend we are still back in the day. I happened to take quite a few pics last night of everyone having it. Do you want them for future promos. Let me know and ill pop em on a CD or upload them somewhere

Just issued 100 Early bird tickets @ £5 each - available online only for now.

LINK to tickets on RA

Simply click through & buy your tickets and you will be guaranteed entry.

These tickets are to collect at the door on the night.

Grab em quick - they'll go like hot cakes...

Monday, 14 December 2009

beyond vol.2 by Rich Harmer

Nice deep housey mix from my fellow DJ & other half of Contraband DJ's. This mix is reflective of Rich's personal taste in HOUSE - enjoy. beyond vol.2  by  Rich Harmer

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

New Disco Deviance out soon!

DD12 – Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Edits

Side A: Doctor Love
Side B: Disco Rocket

For Number 12 in the Disco Deviance series, Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco cut, paste and rework two cracking disco trax into hot new versions which are ready to rip up the dance floor.

Both DJ editors have already delivered top releases on Disco Deviance, Pete with the wonderful ‘Don’t Let Go/Ivan’ package and Dicky more recently with his hot ‘Come To Me/Rip It Dub’ combination.

This time around they kick things off with the discotastic, proto-house vibes of Sharon Brown’s classic ‘I Specialize in Love’. Dubbing out the original to the max, they rework it into a more stripped down, dancefloor-orientated version called ‘Doctor Love’, which holds back and works the floor more until finally letting loose with that joyful vocal.

Meanwhile on the flip, it’s the strong grooves of Deborah Washington’s ‘Rock It’ which get heavily spliced, enhanced and overdubbed to produce a totally new take on this wicked cut called ‘Disco Rocket’.

Both tracks are respectfully edited, lovingly re-mastered and cut at 45 RPM for maximum dance floor pleasure and DJ delight.

Worth getting hold of - can't share so look out for it at Piccadilly , Phonica and Juno

Friday, 4 December 2009

Lindstrom Radio 6 & Fact podcast

Lindstrøm recently did a live mix at the BBC, you can listen to it here.
The tracklist includes Bibio, Paul McCartney, Captain Beefheart, Jaga Jazzist, Frank Zappa, Chaka Khan, Funkadelic and more! Plus there's also an interview with him. You can only listen for a few days so hurry up!.

Lindstrøm was also asked to record a mix for Fact, number 100 in their podcast series to be precise, quite an honour! You can download the mix here.

1. Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies - Kalyani
2. Jobriath - World Without End
3. Hall and Oates - Is It A Star?
4. Abba - Eagle
5. Tears for Fears - The Big Chair
6. Led Zeppelin - Bonzo´s Montreux
7. Robert Wyatt - Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road
8. Black Sabbath - Breakout
9. Uli Jon Roth - The Night the Master Comes
10. Ciledaknuf - Thgil Dna Ygolue

Monday, 30 November 2009

Luke Finn - Groove mixtape - GREAT STUFF!

What a lovely mix of uptempo groove led disco. Superb. Luke's hopefully gonna be playing for Disco Deviant at our Xmas bash... details to follow shortly FRI DEC 11 Brighton


Friday, 27 November 2009

Dissident is Dead - from Andy Blake

hi everyone,

i hope you are all well.

as some of you may have heard on the bush telegraph, i've decided to
shut dissident down.

when i started the label back in 2007 the whole point was that it
wasn't in any sense a 'proper' record label, it was just a way to get
music out quickly on the highest sound quality format for clubs and
dj's and play a tiny part in trying to help the independent record
shops and distributors by staying faithful to the vinyl format when it
seemed that virtually everyone was throwing the towel in and going
digital. thats why it was 'dissident.distribution' on the labels, not

just under two and a half years and something north of 60 releases
later, the time has come to move on.

i'm not entirely sure why but it just seems obvious that it's time for
me to stop the label and do something new. i could cite factors like
having the label take over the rest of my life for the last two years
and the original simple set of rules of play that felt so liberating
to begin with having become something of a dogmatic straitjacket - a
little bit like when the originally free-spirited revolutionaries find
they have turned into an oppressive communist regime. a little bit,
but not much :-)

there are also things like the fact that lots of people constantly
assumed that the records sold out in a matter of days without taking
the time to check with the label, shops or distributors to confirm
this before they downloaded crappy low-res mp3s of the 'sold-out'
tunes, thus somewhat defeating the object of having a vinyl only label
in the first place.

i guess the main reason behind me moving on is that i'm busy running
the world unknown night in brixton every month with joe and duncan and
being asked to dj all over the place and if i continued trying to run
dissident as well i'd quite possibly end up making a bit of a balls of

so that's that really. i'd like to take this opportunity to thank all
the artists who have released on the label, tom at vacant design for
the graphics, all the guys at curved pressings and rubadub and juno
and everyone else who has supported or been involved in any way with
the label. it's been an extremely fun, fulfilling and illuminating
experience all round and given the chance to do it again i wouldn't
change a thing.

my original intention was to have at least a few months completely
away from any record label business but there are already all sorts of
ideas and rumours flying around about what it might be fun to do next
so i guess i'll just have to see what happens.

so, back to the present. there's a 2.5 hour recording of me playing
records at the say yes halloween ball here;

it was a properly good night out as you can see from the short video
that thomas and nadia put together and it was great to finally make a
new live recording again after nearly a year since the last live one
from road to rimini in newcastle.

anyone in london who's up for it can join me for more of the same at
the horse and groom this saturday the 28th. i'm playing for the cut
and shut disco chaps downstairs from 1am-4am and ben gatto fritto is
playing upstairs for future sound of clapton so its going to be a good
one. hit me up if you need guest list and i'll see what i can do.

see you soon,



Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Friday Treasure Trove

Players Association - Going to a Disco LINK

Pink Stallone - Swiss Ambulance LINK

Bar Kays - Hit & Run LINK

Jean Carn - Time waits for no one LINK

Monday, 23 November 2009

A few beaty beauty's for ya!

It's been a busy weekend for me but thought I'd stick a few gems up for you as I have a few spare hours today.

Del Gardo - Coffee Beats - Quality bit of latin, percussion led house. Very carnival flavoured with a BIG bass drop. got this vinyl back in 90's on Roger Sanchez's Release Yourself compilations. Still stands up today - LINK

Pink Lunch - Brown Love - An unreleased Trevor Jackson jam, falls into disco not disco / house category. I find it extremely playable. Try it out. LINK

Meters - It Ain't No Use - What can I say about this one. Mancuso's loft would've been treated to this one I believe. Long, rich and classy. Guitar and drums driving a sublime vocal. 12 minutes long but it really kicks 7 and a half minutes in and twists and turns into an epic track with some great drumming and bass. Enjoy LINK

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Music Played in Discotheques by Greg Wilson at Liverpool Tate Gallery

Just uploaded onto SoundCloud, ‘Music Played Played In Discotheques’, the mix I recorded for the Tate Gallery in Liverpool – available to download or stream in its full 2 hours, or as 2 separate CD friendly 1 hour parts:

When I was asked to contribute a playlist for the silent disco Wayne & Jack Hemingway have installed at Liverpool’s Tate Gallery I spent a bit of time soaking in the atmosphere of the room and running some possibilities through my mind. There was obviously the temptation to put together something more laid back / ambient, as this is what a gallery space would generally suggest, so the music doesn’t interfere too much with the visual experience. However, the whole point of the installation, as Jack pointed out, was to get away from the conventional, often stuffy approach that galleries can be accused of taking, alienating younger visitors as a consequence, so I quickly discarded that impulse and followed my heart rather than my head.

Whichever way you look at it, the centrepiece under-lit dancefloor screams ‘DISCO’, so it would have been wrong for me, having experienced the Disco era first-hand, not to fully embrace this theme and seize the opportunity to reference my own influences and their continued relevance.

Disco is currently enjoying a renaissance with a younger underground club audience, not just in the UK, but in dedicated pockets of varying depth and size worldwide. The dance music of the 70’s and early 80’s has become a serious passion for many people who weren’t even born when these records were played the first time around. This is not a revivalist movement though – contemporary releases, which compliment the vibe, pepper things up, whilst re-edits of older tunes often play an important role in tailoring the music to now.

But there’s a problem with this term ‘Disco’, for it means many things to many people. It’s had something of a chequered history, having lost it’s cool following the post Saturday Night Fever feeding frenzy of the late 70’s, a bandwagon which, unfortunately, has provided the mainstream symbolism ever since, emphasising its cheesier connotations whilst (until more recently) circumventing its sheer creativity.

I suppose, like anything, it’s all a matter of context and perspective, which brings me to the reasons for selecting the tracks I have.

When I started out as a club DJ, at the end of 1975, Disco wasn’t a specific genre as such, but referred to the type of music played in discotheques and nightclubs, which was predominantly by black Soul & Funk artists. When I think of Disco it’s the O’Jays, not the Bee Gees that spring to mind. It’s this era that I wanted to highlight, selecting forty tracks from 1972-75 (split into two hour long parts, each including twenty titles all by separate artists) that made a huge impression on me in my pre-DJ years and capture the essence of the original Disco epoch.

Further to this, it also serves to document what was being played in many of the local nightspots during this period. As I’ve previously written; “to understand anything about the dance music scene in Liverpool at this time, one huge contemporary myth has got to be exploded, and this involves Northern Soul. Northern Soul was not played in every club in the North during this period; in fact it wasn’t being played at all in Liverpool! Northern Soul never gained a foothold in Liverpool, where a funkier groove was the order of the day. It was also never a factor within the black community in general (be it Liverpool, Manchester or wherever), who weren’t interested in digging for rare 60’s music when there was a wealth of great Funk, Soul and Reggae released in the 70’s”. DJ’s like Les Spaine, at The Pun and The Timepiece, and Radio Merseyside ‘Keep On Truckin’’ presenter, Terry Lennaine, were at the vanguard of the local scene when I made my debut in December 1975, across the river in New Brighton - I write in greater detail about all this in an article called ‘When Funk Held Sway’, which can be found on my website,, along with a fascinating interview with Les Spaine.

In putting the mix together I decided that I wouldn’t alter the speed of any of the tracks. Back when they were released DJ equipment was still somewhat primitive and vari-speed turntables wouldn’t make an appearance in British clubs for a number of years. The editing is mainly functional, enabling me to bring the tracks to an average three minutes each, so that I could fit twenty into an hour (the two separate parts also slot together to make a two hour whole). If this was to be an authentic re-creation of how you’d have heard these records played at the time in the UK it wouldn’t have been a mix for starters, a DJ’s voice would have interjected, as was the way back then, but this wasn’t the direction I wanted to take here in 2009. Instead I utilise sounds, textures and samples to link the tracks together (transitions would be a more apt description than mixes). This juxtaposition of past and present is, of course, vital to my approach as a DJ nowadays, not only via the music I play, but also in my use of laptop alongside reel-to-reel, which further illustrates the balance between then and now that underpins my work. In the case of this mix, presenting older music in a current manner fulfils my criteria, and I’d hope that, as a result, it will be appreciated as much by younger people as it will by those who, like myself, remember these wonderful records from when they originally appeared way back when.

Thanks to Wayne and Jack for inviting my involvement, to Caitlin Page from the Tate, who co-ordinated everything, and to Nandi Bhebhe and Christa Powell, the ‘Soul Train’ dancers, plus Tim Collins, who designed their outfits.

Greg Wilson – November 2009

You can download / stream the full mix, or 2xCD friendly hour long parts, at SoundCloud:

Clips from the Tate event can be viewed on YouTube:


Soul Clapping:

Shame Shame Shame:

1. James Brown / the payback

Polydor Records 1973 - did not chart

2. Chakachas / jungle fever

Polydor Records 1972 - UK#29

3. Chairman Of The Board / finders keepers

Invictus Records 1973 - UK#21

4. David Bowie / fame

RCA Records 1975 - UK#17

5. Eddie Kendricks / keep on truckin’

Tamla Motown Records 1973 -UK#18

6. George McCrae / rock your baby

Jayboy Records 1974 -UK#1

7. Stevie Wonder / superstition

Tamla Motown Records 1973 - UK#11

8. Jimmy Castor Bunch / bertha butt boogie

Atlantic Records 1974 - did not chart

9. Ohio Players / Fire

Mercury Records 1974 - did not chart

10.BT Express / do it (‘til you’re satisfied)

PYE International Records 1974 - did not chart

11.Jimmy Ruffin / tell me what you want

Polydor Records 1974 - UK#39

12.Shirley & Company / shame shame shame

All Platinum Records 1975 - UK #6

13.Adriano Celentano / prisencolinensinainciusol

Epic Records 1972 - did not chart

14.Earth Wind & Fire / shining star (live version)

CBS Records 1975 - did not chart

15.Fatback Band / (are you ready) do the bus stop

Polydor Records 1975 - UK#18

16.Kool & The Gang / spirit of the boogie

Polydor Records 1975 - did not chart

17.Rufus Thomas / the funky bird

Stax Records 1974 - did not chart

18.Act One / tom the peeper

Mercury Records 1974 - UK#40

19.Peoples Choice / do it anyway you wanna

Philadelphia International Records 1975 - UK#36

20.Average White Band / pick up the pieces

Atlantic Records 1975 - UK#6

21. Love Unlimited Orchestra / satin soul

2oth Century Records 1974 - did not chart

22. KC & The Sunshine Band / get down tonight

Jayboy Records 1975 - UK#21

23. War / me and baby brother

United Artists Records 1973 - did not chart (re-release on Island Records in 1976 - UK#21)

24. The Temptations / law of the land

Tamla Motown Records 1973 - UK#41

25. The Commodores / machine gun

Tamla Motown Records 1974 - UK#20

26. Manu Dibango / soul makossa

Decca Records 1972 - did not chart

27. MFSB / sexy

Philadelphia International Records 1975 - UK#37

28. Joe Simon / step by step

Mojo Records 1973 - UK#14

29. Detroit Emeralds / feel the need in me

Janus Records 1973 - UK#4

30.Labelle / lady marmalade

Epic Records 1975 - UK#17

31.Doobie Brothers / long train running

Warner Brothers Records 1973 - did not chart (re-release on Warner Brothers in 1993 - UK#7)

32.Creative Source / who is he and what is he to you

Sussex Records 1974 - did not chart

33.The Intruders / I’ll always love my mama

Philadelphia International Records 1974 - UK#32

34.The Trammps / zing went the strings of my heart

Buddah Records 1974 - UK#29

35.Soul Searchers / blow your whistle

Sussex Records 1974 - did not chart

36.Crystal Grass / crystal world

Philips Records 1975 - did not chart

37.The O’Jays / backstabbers

CBS Records 1972 - UK#14

38.Isley Brothers / that lady

Epic Records 1973 - UK#14

39.Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes / the love I lost

Philadelphia International Records 1974 - UK#21

40.Gloria Gaynor / never can say goodbye

MGM Records 1974 - UK#2
Greg Wilson

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Go Bang message

Thank you for coming down to Middle Street last weekend in Brighton for the basement session underneath The Globe.

Can't believe how many souls braved the terrible weather, wasn't it rotten!

Extra special thanks to Pablo who played it like a pro(fessional) plus all you nice folks who continue to make these gatherings really important for us.

We're back on the 12th of December for our last one of the year, maybe starting a bit earlier, maybe not, we'll see.

Until then enjoy the blog and take care

Affy n Ali

Monday, 19 October 2009

La Bionda - One for you, One for Me

Enjoy this piece of feel good disco from 1978

Friday, 9 October 2009

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Damon Disco Bloodbath mix

This was recorded live a couple of weeks back at the Reverso 68 night


Dexter Wansel OOft edit - for those that missed it

Here ya go

Dexter Wansel OOFT edit

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Credit to the Edit vol 2 - Nov release


1 Love Is The Drug / Roxy Music

2 Don't Turn It Off / 40 Thieves (Feat Qzen)

3 Voodoo Ray / A Guy Called Gerald

4 Love Honey / Sugardaddy

5 Secret Sunday Lover / 1gnition

6 Lady T / Crazy P

7 One Lifetime To Live / Gary Davis

8 Starlight / Escort

9 Oh Snap / Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield

10 Dirty Talk / Klein & MBO

11 Messages / OMD

12 Mercy / The Third Degree

Four years on and Greg Wilson finally finds time to complete this long-overdue sequel to his scene defining 2005 compilation.

Whilst Credit To The Edit Volume 1, bar a couple of exceptions, focused solely on tracks originally released in the 70's and 80's, Volume 2 brings things right up to date, with two thirds of the album made up of recordings from recent years, all of which have done the business for Greg in today’s clubs. Volume 1 connected the past to the present, Volume 2 provides a perfect illustration of how the present is being shaped by the past, with artists from both sides of the Atlantic producing great new tracks that take their inspiration from the type of music highlighted in the first volume, neatly serving to bring the project full circle in the process.

The current underground "Disco" scene, within which the re-edit plays a central role, is no longer purely the domain of an older audience who've delved back into what came before, having grown tired of the existing 4/4 formula that has dominated since the Rave explosion of the late 80's. Nowadays it's increasingly becoming the dance music of choice for a vibrant younger crowd who weren't born when many of the records played were originally released.

Greg explains; "When it comes to this scene that previously had no name, the original 70's Disco sound is but one of the ingredients that goes into the musical melting pot, for it's a far wider spectrum the DJ's are choosing their tunes from, taking in a whole span of styles including Boogie, Funk, Balearic, Cosmic, Electro-Funk, Italo, Hip Hop and other groove-based delicacies (House also features as part of the overall soundscape - as it was originally played during the mid-80's, in contrast to the 'all night long' monopoly that followed)."

An so Greg takes his (now digital!) scalpel to everything from Roxy’s timeless "Love is the Drug", adding two minutes of floor friendly funk to the original 7" version, to last year’s instant classic "Don’t Turn It Off" from San Frans’ 40 Thieves. "Voodoo Ray" get’s stretched into a 9 minute hypno edit, 1gnition’s 2008 favourite "Secret Sunday Lover" becomes a rump shaking instrumental, and Escorts’ "Starlight" gets stripped back to a groove and a sweet vocal hook.

Sugardaddy’s Levan influenced "Love Honey" , Nick Chacona / Anthony Mansfield’s "Oh Snap", ‘One Life Time To Live’ by Gary Davis, and Crazy P’s "Lady T" complete the contemporary roster, and anyone familiar with Gregs’ sets will have come across his his dynamic and respectful re- jigs of Klein and MBO’s iconic "Dirty Talk" and OMD’s "Messages". Closing out the second installment is The Third Degree’s ‘Mercy’, which perfectly illustrates the past / present balance of Greg’s approach with its retrofied take on Duffy’s recent hit, a fitting finale to an unforgettable compilation series.

Messages (GW version) - OMD

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Two Lovely Deep Vocal Housers

Enjoy these two sublime slices of Deep and Vocal House - Both possess a moodiness that really floats my boat and seems to evoke emotion in the crowd when I play them too.

Perfect dance floor weapons to smooth out your audience whilst keeping them locked on.

DJ Dealer -My All (Hideo Kobayoshi Vocal Dub)

Stereotyp - Keepin Me (Fauna Flash Mix)

GO Bang Outdoors One more Time - This Summer

We touch down at The Gladstone on Lewis Road a week this Saturday from midday till 1am on Saturday 19th of September

We're ready, willing and able (we think) to give everyone one last outside party down the boozer before we all hibernate until next year

Thought it best to tell you that we have a marquee standing by for the outside part of the day if the weather turns odd plus both rooms inside the venue will be starting at 9pm with all manner of djs from some well loved and respected local venues joining us (see event details)

There's also a BBQ on all day if you get the munchies

If you haven't been to a Go Bang event before check out a video of people who have to see why we carry on doing these gatherings down the pub;

Thank you for an amazing year whilst sticking by us as we tried to find a venue suitable for what we think we do best and you all enjoy

We had a few knock backs along the way but at last we've found that perfect space again, this time at The Gladstone on Lewis Road in Brighton

All that's needed now is to fill it with all of you nice folks and we're on for yet another good one

See you on the 19th as we give it one last go before our annual festival next year in 2010 which will be our 3rd one since we started in 2008

Take care, see you in a week or so

Affy, Ali plus all the crew at The Gladstone

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Beachdowns Loss is our gain!!

So the final Bank Holiday weekend is here and Beachdown with Grace Jones, Derek May, Go Bang! and Greg Wilson were approaching fast... then they cancelled it!! Very disappointed but fortunately there is some good news...

Greg Wilson will still play in Brighton this Bank Holiday Sunday - YAY!!

Maxxi Soundsystem - Bank Holiday Special

MAXXI SOUNDSYSTEM (Sam Watts & Neal Lewis)
JOHNNY ROCKS (Videodrome / Rounder Records)
AFFY (Go Bang / Calabash)

160 Kings Rd Arches, Brighton Seafront (next to Fortunes of War)

5pm - 3am
£5 after

Monday, 24 August 2009

Greg wilson set @ Big Chill

Recording of Greg Wilson @ Big Chill Frisky Bison closing slot 2 weeks ago is now available to download here:

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Greg Wilson @ Disco Deviant - July 2009

Here's the first hour of Greg Wilson's set @ Disco Deviant at Audio in Brighton. Hope you enjoy it, a slightly fresher selection and not an instant hit with 100% of the audience, but I love it and what came in the final hour was just incredibly inspired!

I think we ended up at about 128bpm+ I only regret that it wasn't recorded too!!

Greg Wilson at Disco Deviant 17 July 2009, Audio, Brighton, UK
1. Roxy Music love is the drug (gw edit)
2. Joubert Singers stand on the world (hot coins mix)
3. Tensnake holding back (my love)
4. Tony Orlando don't let go (ph edit)
5. KC & The Sunshine Band I'm your boogie man (black grass edit)
6. Talking Heads slippery people (cosmic boogie edit)
7. Jazzy Dee get on up (situation edit)
8. 40 Thieves don't turn it off (gw edit)
9. Gino Soccio try it out
10.Geraldine Hunt can't fake the feeling
01 Greg Wilson @ Disco Deviant, Audio by Pablo Contraband
Also on the bill was Pablo Contraband who has a great mix posted below.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Disco Deviant - Brighton Pride Afterparty

Disco Deviant drop in to Brighton for a Pride special - they've chosen the Worlds End for its proximity to Preston Park.

A nice roomy boozer with a decent soundsystem and the drinks are cheap as chips.

It'll be fun and games for sure with a free and easy attitude and a crew of fine DJ talent onboard.

Pablo Contraband
Andy G (ElectricSex & Bora Bora)
Contraband DJs (insideout)
Sholto Carr

Playing Disco, House & Anthems

We'll also have the BIG SCREENS on with visuals and live cams livening things up.

Than Later on if your boddy is still willing we carry straight through from 3am til morning light at the funky buddha - a housier affair there

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Friday, 17 July 2009

Sunday, 12 July 2009

New Greymatter mix

2Steppin Into Tomorrow
Mixed by Greymatter

1. Greymatter - When I Was Lost
2. Altered Native - Rass Out
3. Greymatter - Bunda
4. Falty DL - To London
5. Moreso - Take My Hand (Dem2's Over There Dub)
6. Kode9 - Black Sun
7. Shed - Another Wedged Chicken (Martyn Remix)
8. A Made Up Sound - Density
9. Hot City Bass - Hot City
10. Floating Points - K&W Beat
11. Dark Knight - Mutant Funk
12. Klic - Karaoke
13. Martyn - Yet
14. DJ Zinc - 138 Trek


Friday, 10 July 2009

NYC circa 83 from The Tube

Walking through the scene as it was in 83 taking in Arthur Baker (great interview), Paradise Garage, CBGB, Danceteria and The Roxy (going off - with Rod Stewart in the house!), Bambaata, Nona Hendryx, B-Boys and many more. It superbly lift's the lid on the NYC scene at the time. Jools Holland and Leslie Ash showing us around the various spot's depicted so well in Last Night a DJ Saved my Life. Really great to see. Big thanks to a sharp eyed Jeff Daniels for spotting this one. Enjoy

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Some special shiz

I have been away for a bit - getting married and honeymoon - we had a hell of a party and totally went for it with Greg Wilson playing at our reception. Brilliant times!

Anyway the stuff I have to post has kind of popped up on the ipod or old cd I put on looking for suitable background music for the wedding breakfast.

Here goes:

A superb intro glides you sneakily into a track that wouldn't normally raise a lot of interest from me. I remember the days when my friends and djs would cover labels to avoid prejudice toward this kinda track. It's a superb remix of Erasure - Ship of Fools. Give it a whirl.

ship of fools (shiver me timbers mix)

Again a mainstream artist has caught my attention, Ashley Beedle has doe a sublime job on one of Elton Johns best. The original was caned by the Aficionado crew, mainly Moonboots I believe, there was a release and top ten chart success, so I guess Ashleys mix was commissioned then. I'm just glad it was!

R U ready For Love

Here's another corker much more underground this time Renegade Soundwave have never let me down, here's a classic sampling INXS to fine effect. From their In Dub Album I give you, Deadly - RSW

Okay so there's a load of retro for ya, maybe I should include something a little fresher....maybe not. Here's another 80's band that I really loved at the time. The Smiths were sarcastic and antagonistic, with Vegetarian slogans and Morrissey's strange sexual appetite. Their music was what made me like the band - the other thing was their album artwork, they were great covers weren't they? The politics were a bit tiresome, but I never really took it seriously anyway.

Here's Allez-Allez's edit of The Smiths - Barbarism begins at Home - (great title!)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Goodbye Michael

So Michael may have finally found some peace - here's an 11 minute edit of Don't Stop

Thursday, 18 June 2009

So good - DFA's Shit Robot - Terje on the mix

Shit Robot - Simple Things (Work It Out) (Todd Terje Version) - words are wasted on this - download and see for yourself - sheer delight

Will be a firm favourite at the Lane no doubt.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

New track

Great dubby bit of downtempo disco from Kenneth Bager - Sound of Swing (pilooski dub edit) - Thanks to William Cresta over at Coswax Industries for another bit of brilliance - top marks. Enjoy

Monday, 15 June 2009

Inside Out on June 19 Brighton

Really Looking forward to Nathan Coles visiting us here in Brighton this Friday, got some fine local talent on show too, as well as Brazil's Dark@Tek... gonna be good. House , Tech House and Techno. Thumping.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Social disco Club in the mix

I just recieved this mix from Social Disco Club - Live at Discosafari (Italy)

Great mix including Glossy Edits, some SDC original material (due out on Disco Deviance), Kasso - Walkman and a plenty of other fantastic disco bits.

Dig in and enjoy, he's over from Porto on June 27th for a gig in Manchester, but I wanna see more UK gigs. He'll have a string of releases out on eskimo, bear funk and disco deviance imminent so no doubt he'll be in demand all over.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Popular peoples front


The Popular Peoples Front - Showtime

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Rocky & Diesel hit Brighton - May 22

I'll be playing alongside some DJ hero's of mine - Rocky & Diesel on Fri May 22 in Brighton.

Never mind XPress2 these guys were rocking it way before Lazy ever hit the charts. During my late teenage years and ecstasy fueled club era in the early 90's Rocky & Diesel did it for me everytime. They are clever with their music and it will be a pleasure to have them join us for a GO BANG! special at the Funky Buddha.

We've started celebrating this month,Go Bang! micro festival is specifically about championing Detroit House, Electrofunk, Disco dubs and all the off piste and slo mo sounds that have wet our whistles, despite remaining largely ignored in Brighton. Go Bang! has gained strength from sticking to it's collective guns and playing it straight. This year we have started strong and also attracted some names to get involved in this largely just for kicks, series of events.

Ali Broadcast has been the driving force in getting this scene recognised, initially by it's collective parts, and now on a broader scale. We have seen some smashing nights take shape, paving the way for successful visits from Greg Wilson (what a night), Andy Blake, Ben Pistor, and soon we'll see Severino (HMD) and Rocky & Diesel visit town with a bunch of records to make us smile.

I'm involved and happy to be a part of such a friendly bunch of DJ's, dancers, organisers and music munchers.

May has become a month I look forward to since Go Bang! has been established. Long MAY it continue.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Paul Budd Spring / Summer sampler 09

A nice mixture of Deep House and Disco flavours here. Most enjoyable bit of New romantic business too at the top of the mix. Thanks to Paul for the mix.
Paul Budd mix - Spring/Summer 09
Chant No1 (US remix) - Spandau Ballet
Bar a Thym (Meiddleton cosmic mix) - Kerri Chandler
Rhythm Track (Jimpster mix) - Milton Jackson
Man of War (J.Negro dub) - Sunburst Band
Don't Go Lose it (Holy Ghost! edit)
Deep Breath - Nick Curly
Running Up that Hill (Datassette mix) - Kate Bush
Ghostdog - Solomun & Stimming
Sinus - Nick Curly / Reclick
The Heat - Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield
Tribute - (Contraband edit) - Erik Rug ft Dyna-mix

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Pablo Contraband Slo Mo mix

Here's a nice cross section of slo-mo sounds , are they house, disco or hip hop ? Who cares ..


Love Love Love (Aeroplane mix) – Slo Mo Disco

So Blue, it's Black (Heavy Manners mix) – The Underwolves

Sexual Healing (Barna Soundmachine edit) – Marvin Gaye

Do it to the max – 6th Borough project

Special Agent man (M.Geist mix) –Gaz Nevada

Slow n Low – Nic Chacona & Anthony Mansfield

Life & Fun (Mudd mix) – Tele music

NY Attitude – LSB edits Inc

Breathe & Stop (Revenge mix) – Q-Tip

Nightflight – The Revenge

That Thing (SDC Club edit) – That Thing

Tribute (bonus beats)

Tribute (extended disco mix) – Erik Rug ft Dynamix of the Zulu Nation

Unfinished edits are out of my hands – The Revenge

Monday, 27 April 2009

Greg Wilson Podcast from Jan 09

I was listening to this excellent sub 105 BPM mix from Resident Advisor today, in my iTunes I have a whole library reading like a Who's Who of international DJ talent. Every week RA send me something noteworthy, be it Bill Brewster, Bookashade, Danny Howells or in this case Greg Wilson, I am pleasantly surprised by the weekly delivery of a classy podcast.

In case you missed it first time around I have decided to upload and repost for your pleasure. Enjoy the slo mo gems opening with Soulwax mix of You Can't Always Get what you want and covering some seriously cool material, tracklist includes Are 'friends' electric - Groove Armada (Greg's edit), Nice and Easy with it's searing disco strings, Timmy Thomas' Why Can't we live together sounds so at home in Greg's selection and there's many more downtempo treats on this 80 minute showcase.


RA119 Greg Wilson

Here's a copy of the Groove Armada track Are ' friends' Electric (GW edit)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Fractured Edits smash it

Featuring tracks:

• Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte (Fractured Super Disco Edit)
• Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte (Fractured Super Disco Dub)
• Hot R.S. - Slow blow (Fractured instrumental edit)
• La Bionda - I got your number (Fractured edit)
• Kiss - I was made for loving you (Fractured dub)
• Quartz - S/T (Fractured edit)


Friday, 17 April 2009

Credit to the Edit Vol 2 – release is imminent

I don't know a great deal on this one, other than a release of Greg Wilson – Credit to the Edit Vol.2 is imminent on Tirk, with a tour to support the occasion. It's been 5 years since the now classic Vol.1 was released so it's been a long and highly anticipated follow up. I for one can't wait to get my mitts on a copy. Watch this space.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

X press 2 – new release – Now I’m on it

I've been a fan of Rocky & Diesel since way back when. I first caught them at Shave yer tongue many moons ago at Simpsons in the hell hole they call Bracknell.

They released a superb mix CD journeys by dj which most house heads will agree was great, and still worth checking out. Muzik Xpress, London Xpress were too, worthy tracks that hung around in my bag for… well years actually they are still close to hand even now. Ashley Beedle was another Boys Own cohort that made Rocky and Diesel become 3 as Xpress2. They have some pretty diverse and occasionally chart bound releases on Skint, but they are still well in touch with the tough Underground sound (check smoke machine out)

Heres a link to their new Release Now I'm on it/Fear One which see's a return to the Club sound I feel is absent from the Studio Album releases that have been more vocal, with mainstream appeal. These new tracks are dancefloor weapons.

There's also an Xpress 2 DJ set from Feb 2009 on the same page so help yourselves.

I'm glad to say I have Rcky and Diesel playing with me on May22nd at Funky Buddha, Brighton. Ali Go Bang! Will also be in the house, and we've asked Rocky and Diesel to go retro for some of their 3 hour set, so some classic acid and disco should feature too!!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

couple of late night additions

Lykke Li - Little Bit (loving hand mix)

6th borough project - Nights over memphis (revenge dub)

Monday, 16 March 2009

March mix tape - Pablo Contraband

Tracklist: 1 God made me funky 2 Superstition (todd terje)- Stevie 3 Lullaby (remix)- Cure 4 Nipple to the Bottle (splice edit)- Grace Jones 5 Lady don't tek no 6 So Ruff. So Tuff (splice;s edit) 7 Blowing up the barrio- fort knox five 8 Don't let go (pete herbert edit) 9 Esta Si, Esta No - Glimmers 10 Ballerina- Lindstrom+Prins Thomas 11 Dance Reaction - Metro area 12 Baja (Jellybean dub)- Mascara 13. Addicted funk (bass mix)- rockma 14 Treat me right(edit)- Ruby Winters 15. Jump to it (Prince Klaasen edit)- Aretha

Pablo will be Playing 100Below with The Recess on April 4th, Disco Deviant with Andy (soft rocks) April 9th and will be in residence for Inside Out and Go Bang! parties throughout the summer in Brighton.

A request I had earlier from Andy for Geraldine Hunt - Can't Fake the feeling. Gina's favourite track at the moment, thatnks to GW essential mix it's becoming a firm favourite on the dancefloor too. Enjoy

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Clive Henry to play Beachdown

Blatant bit of rumour mongering here, but I put my money where my mouth is Clive Henry (Peace Division./Circo Loco) will play Beachdown this year. He's been one of the British contingent at DC10 for a few years now, alongside the Italian's, they have had a hand in pushing the minimal sound right to the top of many a playlist.

Interesting and unexpected booking for Beachdown, aided by DC10's impromptu closure, Ibiza's loss, Brightons gain.

I've also heard a rumour regarding DJ Harvey at Beachdown, unsubstaniated but what a coup that would be!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Greg Wilson footage @ Loft - Brighton

We were lucky enough to be at a superb night in Brighton on Friday, Danny + Pablo did a fine job warming up, before Greg Wilson came on and took us to new heights. The atmosphere was electric. Highlights included Chic - I want your love (terje edit), DD - Don't let go (pete herbert edit), Atlantic Conveyor - We are, and a sublime mix of Yazoo - Situation (dub) into Voodoo Ray. Utter brilliance.

The Pablo + Danny are back on April 9th (Easter Thursday) @ Jazz Place with Soft Rocks as guests. Should be worth checking out. More Info

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Friday, 13 February 2009

Free Groove Armada track – Go.

A rather interesting development in music distribution was Groove Armada signing with Barcardi rather than a record label. The deal was put together by Phat Phil Cooper and and has transpired in Barcardi offering a free track or 4 from Groove Armada.

Grrove Armada's latest offering, Go is a great piece, a lovely soul vocal over a funky uptempo groove, don't take my word for it, go to the blive share site and grab a copy for free.

I'm hoping to get all 4 tracks on offer for free, legally via the site, take a look and see how it works.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Boogie – Greg Wilson (in his own words) – courtesy of Bang the Party

Back in mid-80's London, the term Boogie was used to describe a style of dance music, mainly from the early 80's, but also the late 70's, that was popular on the black scene. Many of these tracks had originally featured at the time of their release at specialist club nights in venues like Crackers and the Electric Ballroom, but had subsequently been revived during the Rare Groove era.

Click and Listen whilst you read : Brenda Taylor – You Can't Have your cake and eat it too (Greg Wilson Edit)

We never used the term in the North, although many of the same tracks had been massive with the black music audience following their arrival as US imports. We regarded them mainly as Disco Funk, or in some cases Electro-Funk, which utilised elements of the (then) new technology (Disco Funk being recorded in a more orthodox way, with drum kit as opposed to beat box).

It was also an unfamiliar genre name in America, where these records had originated. London DJ and collector, Sean P, renowned for his encyclopaedic knowledge of Boogie, plus other forms of dance music, recalls some friends going into record shops in the US and receiving blank looks when they asked for Boogie; the staff even enquiring if they wanted recordings about ghosts! This misunderstanding was down to the fact that what we call the Bogeyman in the UK is the Boogeyman in the States.

The word itself has a somewhat dubious background. Here's something I found online about its origin and evolution, written by American columnist, Cecil Adams:

"Boogie" seems to come, via a circuitous route, from the Latin Bulgarus, an inhabitant of Bulgaria. The Old French term boulgre was used to refer to a member of a sect of 11th-century Bulgarian heretics, and "bougre" first appears in the English writing in 1340 as a synonym for "heretic." By the 16th century, "bougre" grew into "bugger," a practitioner of vile and despicable acts including "buggery," or sodomy. "Bogy" (or "bogie") first appears in the 19th century as an appellation for the devil; later it came to be used for hobgoblins in general. Hence, the bogeyman, which may be the source of the use of "bogey" and "boogies" to mean "Negro". Shortly after these usages became common (in the 1920s), there appeared boogie woogie music, and I guess you can figure out the rest.

So it seems that, with regards to black culture, boogie was originally a racist slur, which was intended to demonise black people, before it was adopted in connection with music and dancing by those it was meant to put down. In this way it became a name used for 'Rent Parties' within US black communities in cities like Chicago, Detroit and New York during the 20's, where musicians played in someone's home and a hat was passed around the audience so they could put in money, which would help pay the rent. It was at such parties that Boogie Woogie emerged, a style that would have a huge influence on the course of black music (interestingly, Disco pioneer, DJ David Mancuso, cites the Rent Parties of 60's New York as a major inspiration for his Loft parties).

The sub-genre of music that Londoners dubbed Boogie was, in essence, the direct continuation of Disco in its purest form. Many people have forgotten that the genre evolved from the Soul and Funk of black musicians. Later, of course, Disco would become increasingly commercialised, culminating in the blockbuster movie Saturday Night Fever, which elevated the Bee Gees, a white Pop band, to Disco superstardom, whilst a white suited John Travolta would become an iconic figure – the great white hope of the dancefloor. Disco went global, but its original audience, before Studio 54 stole the spotlight, knew that its true stars of the screen were afro haired black kids, who'd been busting all the best moves on Soul Train since the early 70's.

Throughout the 70's, the word boogie could be found in the title or lyrics of countless Funk and Disco records, but as the decade rolled on, it was beginning to sound increasingly cheesy to our British ears, especially when a Spanish holiday hit called 'Yes Sir I Can Boogie' by Baccara, topped the UK chart in 1977. By the early 80's a new low had been reached, with Children's TV character, the robot Metal Mickey, further devaluing the word via his annoying catchphrase 'boogie boogie'.

However, it began to claw back some of its former credibility thanks to huge underground tracks like Rafael Cameron's 'Boogie's Gonna Get Ya' and 'Caveman Boogie' by Lessette Wilson, plus the Gunchback Boogie Band's 'Funn', and with the emerging Electro scene it's recuperatation was completed (Extra T's 'E.T Boogie', West Street Mob 'Break Dancin' - Electric Boogie', Man Parrish 'Boogie Down (Bronx)' etc).

From a London perspective, the Boogie scene, if not yet born, was conceived in the late 70's at the West End club, Crackers, where DJ George Power would refer to the dancers, regarded as some of the best in the capital, as 'boogie boys' and, as Crackers veteran, Terry Farley, informed me, would frequently use the word whilst talking over the microphone (as DJ's did in those days). Power was a true pioneer of UK dance culture who has only received a fraction of the full credit he merits. Later down the line he'd be the co-founder of Kiss FM, originally a pirate station, which would play an absolutely pivotal role in bringing London's dance underground to wider recognition.

But it wouldn't be until after the Crackers days were long gone that Boogie gradually became a category in its own right. A young Sean P remembers going into a shop in Brixton, called Red Records, in the early 80's and finding a 'Soul/Disco/Boogie' section. It struck him as odd that an old-fashioned word was being applied to such a cutting-edge music.

The sub-genre really came into its own around 1985, when Kiss FM (named in tribute to the seminal New York dance station) took to the air and DJ's like Gordon Mac, Norman Jay, DJ Tee (Tee Harris), Desi D, Tosca and, of course, Paul 'Trouble' Anderson began playing club tracks from earlier in the decade (along with other pirate radio DJ's like Trevor St Francis on LWR and Lyndon T on JFM), describing them as 'Boogie'. The word Disco had been out of vogue since the 70's, with the music played on the black scene, pre-Kiss, usually coming under the blanket terms of Soul or Electro, but then a new movement of mainly black kids from South and East London began to refer to this post-Disco groove as 'Boogie'. The sound was typified by Leroy Burgess, and the big labels included Prelude, West End and Sam, with club support coming from DJ's such as Trevor Shakes, Dez Parkes, Cleveland Anderson, Henderson Yearwood, Fitzroy Da Buzz Boy and Derek Boland (aka Derek B).

Former Black Echoes writer and Kiss head of music, Lindsay Wesker, a noted black music historian, remembers the station, during its formative period, featuring as much Boogie as Rare Groove (which focused on relatively obscure 70's Funk), making its way onto the playlists of now established names like Jazzie B and Trevor 'Madhatter' Nelson. It was such a big deal in London that Kiss would even release two volumes of their 'Boogie Tunes' compilation on Graphic Records in the late 80's, making a number of highly sought after tracks available on vinyl at an affordable price (echoing Northern Soul, collecting Boogie and Rare Groove was both time-consuming and a drain on the pocket).

But, returning to the question of how the term Boogie came to represent a category of music in the first place, the first clue I could find was in a copy of Blues & Soul from September 1981. This was in an advert for the launch of Jazzifunk Club's Saturday night at Camden's Electric Ballroom. George Power, headlined, supported by Paul Anderson (who'd cut his teeth alongside Power at Crackers), Chris White, Colin Parnell and Boo, with the ad referring to the venue's 2 floors, which proclaimed 'Jazz On Top! Soul, Funk 'n' Boogie Down Below'.

During the early 80's, specialist club nights would list the music featured as Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Soul, Funk, Disco, and later Electro or Electro-Funk, but never Boogie – the Electric Ballroom was unique in this respect. The only exception I'm aware of was a little known venue called 'Gemas New Caprice Club' in Watford, which, in London's Groove Weekly magazine, advertised 'Up-Front Jazz-Funk and Boogie' in August 1982, having previously used 'Jazz-Funk' on its own). However, the trail came to an abrupt end at that point and I couldn't find any further mention in either Blues & Soul or Groove Weekly during the coming years. It certainly wasn't classified as a genre by the main London import specialists, like Groove, City Sounds and Bluebird.

I wondered if there was any direct link to Roller Disco, which had come to the UK, with limited success, from the US. Interestingly, a cash-in Hollywood movie called 'Roller Boogie' had highlighted the craze in 1979, and, by co-incidence, the Electric Ballroom would launch a mid-week Roller Disco night in 1982 with Paul Anderson as DJ. Andrew Mason, from New York's Wax Poetics magazine, had told me that Danny Krivit, who both deejayed at New York's legendary Roxy (which originally came to prominence as one of the top Roller Rinks in the country) as well being an accomplished skater himself, explained to him that the slightly shuffled clap / snare on the 2 and 4 (as opposed to a steady 4 on the floor beat) was best suited for skaters, who pushed off on alternate legs to that rhythm. Vaughan Mason's 'Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll' is an obvious example, as is Chic's classic 'Good Times' (which, of course, includes the line 'clams on the half shell and roller-skates, roller-skates').

So, basically, the best music to roller skate to, especially in New York, where the most impressive skaters were generally black or Latino, was funkier edged Disco, including many tracks that would later be regarded as Boogie classics in London.

Doing some further detective work, I checked with Danny Krivit to see if the term Roller Boogie was widely used in the US, and he informed me that it was only ever something people might say on a mainstream level, following on from the film, and definitely not how hardcore skaters would refer to the music. It seems that, just as over here, the word boogie was actually considered corny, rather than cool.

So, it wasn't until a mainly black audience of dance music enthusiasts from London re-adopted the term, to describe the retrospective groove they were into, that Boogie reclaimed its credibility. "Nowadays", as Sean P points out, "thanks to eBay and the general spreading of the word over the past couple of years, people from the US, Europe and wherever use 'Boogie' as a generic term, to describe early 80's dance music of black origin".

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Discotheque courtesy of Paul Williams

I am a follower of a few different blogs and have some come across some pretty decent mixes and tracks courtesy of these guys. I've been watching another night on earth. They have a load of killer exclusives mixes under the press play series – seriously worth checking out.
Here's Paul Williams in action.


Warp 9 – Light Years Away (Dub) | Arista
Johnson & Youngblood – The Funk Is In The Music (Dub Mix) | West End
Nijel – Dance So Fine | Fantasy
Magic Lady – Red Hot Stuff | A&M
Designer Music – Problemz | Planet E
House Of Jazz – Warehouse vs. The Ritz | Lazyboy
Natalie Cole – Pink Cadillac (Bass It Dub) | EMI
Gotham Flasher – Can't Turn You Loose | Unison
Busta Jones – (Everybody's) Dancing All Over The World | Spring
The Beat Broker – Cactus Cooler (Citizen Kane's White Night Riot Mix) – Disques Sinthomme
Fashion – Move On/Mutant Dance Move | Arista
Mr. Pauli – Jap Fab | Clone


Todd Terje in the mix

Here's a mix from one of my favourites when it comes to a re-edit, this guy is up there with Greg Wilson in my opinion. I've never caught him DJ so this is a treat. Todd's future classics mix is disco with a modern twist, nice basslines and some superb tunes featured throughout… now lets take a Love Break.
Download mix

Monday, 5 January 2009

Greg Wilson in Brighton


Greg Wilson – The Jazz Place, Brighton
Friday 27th February 2009 from 10.30pm

The Legend Returns... Pioneer of the UK Electrofunk scene, Godfather of the edit, DJ extraordinaire. Greg Wilson has recently found himself back in the limelight, as both an International DJ & Producer. Last year saw him tour Europe, America, Japan, Brazil and Australia. That’s on top of multiple festival appearances, and UK club bookings.
2009 looks to be an even busier year for Greg, with bookings already flooding in. Not bad for a guy that retired from DJing in 1984!
We are very proud to bring Greg Wilson and his irresistibly funky sound to Brighton. His style has a universal appeal. Soul, Funk, Electrofunk and Disco are staple in Greg’s DJ sets.
Greg Wilson stamps his own personality into the mix, offering up audacious splices and atmospheric washes of sound played straight off his trusty REVOX reel to reel that sees him blur the boundary between mere DJ and live performer. If only other modern DJs, with their laptops and CD mixers, could spice a mix with such maverick personality. Little worry for Wilson, though – it simply means he still sounds like he's in a class of his own.
Artists that Greg Wilson has remixed and edited include Chaka Khan, Kool & the Gang, Yello, Human League, Chic, Talking Heads, Rockers Revenge, Brenda Taylor, Scritti Politti, Chicken Lips, Groove Armada and Grace Jones, to name but a few.
If you are familiar with Greg’s work or have had the pleasure of seeing him DJ, then we are sure you would love to join us from 10:30pm on Friday 27th February at The Jazz Place, Brighton.
Alternatively, if you haven’t already had the fortune of seeing the legend that is Greg Wilson, then why not come along and see the master at work. If you like an 80’s butt wiggling bass line and funky vocals then you’ll have a ball. If not we’ll give you your money back!!
Tickets are £5 in advance from Rounder Records.
For further info on Greg Wilson:
Classic tracks include: Richie Havens -Going back to my roots, Chaka Khan -I feel for you, Sharon Brown – I specialise in love, Stevie Wonder – Superstition, A Guy called Gerald -Voodoo Ray, D-Train – You’re the one for me, Patrice Rushen – Forget me nots , Brenda Taylor – You can’t have your cake and eat it too.