Friday, 22 June 2012

Local Zero's - You Should Know Better Mix

Another "off the cuff" mix up I thought I'd share with you lovely people. A few essential new 12s out the moment, noteably an awesome 4 track EP from LeSale forthcoming on the excellent LuvShack label, plus great stuff from Edit Murph, Baaz. Ooft!, Ben Sun & a couple of tried & tested favourites from Fanastic Man & Anton Zap. As ever comments are welcome & just click the links to buy the tracks you like. Have a great weekend. LZ 1. Edit Murphy - Brooklyn Nights (Fantastic Man Remix)[Smoke N Mirrors] 2. Fantastic Man – Groove With You [Kolour Ltd] 3. Ooft! – Make U Mine [Instruments Of Rapture] 4. LeSale – We Go Straight Ahead [Forthcoming Luv Shack 004] 5. Edit Murphy – Need You [Smoke N Mirrors] 6. LeSale – What You Get [Forthcoming Luv Shack 004] 7. Ben Sun – You Should Know Better [Delusions of Granndeur] 8. Ben La Desh – Drug Carrier [Outernational] 9. Skylevel – Hooker In Paris [Skylevel 004] 10. Anton Zap – Captain Storm [Underground Quality] 11. Baaz – In My Mind [Office Recordinggs] 12. Trevor Deep Jr – Still Raw [Delsin] 13. Baaz - Glim [Office Recordinggs] 14. Anton Zap – Clarksville [Etheral Sound]

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mix of the week : Tyson Ballard (Voyeurhythm)

Lovely selection of deep and dubby house with the odd hint of disco in there. Plenty of vocal hooks and spoken word to keep it interesting. Recorded live at D-Edge in Sao Paulo in March 2011, still doing it for me.

  Tyson Ballard live at D-Edge, Sao Paulo - March 2011 by Tysonballard

Enjoy the grooves