Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Swims / Joy O/Boddika


Can't stop listening to this wee beastie. top stuff from Boddika and Joy Orbison. Nice 180 gram vinyl instantly playable go get before they all go.

Another Boddika release worth taking a listen to is  this one out now on a Double gatefold and getting support across the board.

Swamp 81 is a really interesting label and has a lot of there catalogue available on Juno check it out here

Monday, 19 March 2012

John Talabot & Pional - Will Be Now (Young Edits Club Mix)

John Talabot & Pional - Will Be Now (Young Edits Club Mix)

    John Talabot & Pional - Will Be Now (Young Edits Club Mix) by Young Edits

Another beauty from Young edits. The Australian seems to pick the tracks perfectly for my taste, no exception with this John Talabot & Pional beauty. His edit technique is actually very good and I'm yet to dislike any of his efforts. Big fat WAV and sounds like its had a master. Not bad for free is it!?

Go grab a copy and I suggest checking out his other work while your on soundcloud. Worth a follow for sure.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

DD News March 2012

Well it's been a little while since the last newsletter, Spring is here and WOW! we have some news for you.

We've been busy plotting and planning some parties and line ups and I must admit I'm impressed. So I've listed everything nice and neatly at the bottom of the post for you. I'm not gonna go on about it all for too long but DJ Garth and Adam Freeland playing together cosmic, deep and disco all night long. Rare that DJ Garth is in the UK so we've nabbed him for the night of Friday May 4th and we're taking it to The Loft. Tickets will be in the shops soon - Rounder & Resident

A Love from Outer Space visits for a Brighton edition on Friday April 20th. The Chairman will be in charge along with Brother Johnston and Pablo Contraband . The ALFOS tour has been going great guns with mad reviews and Mr Weatherall is currently putting an compilation album & mix together for Ministry of Sound's 'Masters' series which will showcase the ALFOS sound in full effect. Tickets are going well all the early birds went pretty quick GRAB yours from R$N or from Rounder/Resident I expect this will be a busy one.

Weatherall has just opened a SOUNDCLOUD by the way

OK so also in the offing are the Summer Secret Rooftop parties with special guests booked including the brilliant Kid Who in May and Ethyl in June. Guest list only for these and the location is kept under wraps til the last moment. Friends and their friends only no messing.

Make sure you email your names across soon as possible as space is limited in May (150 capacity only) and we'll make sure you are on the list for entry:

There's more I could go on about including Huxley and how good I think he is and the quality of the tracks that are included in my recent mix, however I'm not gonna bother. Here's a link to the mix

Have a great day and if you want to join us for a bit of fun on Friday night (16th March) we're celebrating Kate Wildblood & Neil Duffie's birthdays Above Audio with my Dutch friend Douwe jumping on the Amsterdam easyjet to come and play for us. Cocktails are £5 a pop and they are probably up there as the finest in Brighton.

See you soon


Disco Deviant  - Pablo Contraband gigs:

THIS FRIDAY March 16th Pablo Contraband & Douwe (NL)- Above Audio 'Wildblood Duffie B'day hi-jinx'

Disco Deviant presents A Love From Outer Space with Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnson. Fri 20th April @ Audio. TICKETS

FRI May 4th DJ Garth & Adam Freeland , Pablo Contraband @ The Loft, Brighton

BANK HOLIDAY SUN May 6th Secret Rooftop part 1 with KID WHO & Contraband DJs - £3 by guest list only

SAT May 19th Huxley & Contraband DJ's @ Audio

BANK HOLIDAY SUN June 3rd Secret Rooftop part 2 with Ethyl & Contraband DJs - £5 by guest list only

New release from  BLACK KEY: Andy Ash - Broken Nights now available for download

Blog:       Twitter      Disco Deviant on RA    Facebook Page

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Duff Disco - Sister Wha? // FREE DOWNLOAD

  DUFFDISCO004 - Sister Wha? [Download Here] - Please read description by duffdisco

DUFF DISCO is knocking the bootleg vinyl in to touch shortly with a final pressing to wax due shortly. He's decided to give some of the tracks away for free and here's one that a lot of you have been into for a couple of years but may have missed the vinyl.

Feel free to get a download and spread the love. Big up to Duff!

Monday, 12 March 2012

New Pablo Contraband Mix - March 2012

  Pablo Contraband - March 2012 - Mix by Pablo Contraband

A selection of tracks freshly garnered from the most glistening pit of musical gemstones. Featuring tracks and remixes from Cosmo, Gazeebo, Rodion & Khan, Kid Who, Weatherall, Clock Opera, Toky, Chamboche and many more.


Fever - Hotbox (Community Recordings)
Bursting Through - Kalidasa (World Unknown)
In Order to Trance (Hrdvision mix) - Jokers of the Scene
Telefloros Journey - Avanti (Community Recordings)
Lets Motor - Rodion & Khan
It's Time (Jozif mix) - Subb-an & Adam Shelton
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV)
Ochre (Tiago mix) - Kid Who
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV)
Once & For All (Weatherall mix) - Clock Opera
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV)
Beaches (Cosmodelica mix) - Pacific Horizons
About You - Toky
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV)
Acid People - Alex Arnaud (Fear of Flying)
Mello (BLM remix) - Chamboche (forthcoming Black Key records)
Deja Vu (Musaria mix) - Larry heard (Innervisions) Thanks to The Unity Agency

Forthcoming gigs:

Forthcoming gigs: Fri 16th March - w/ Douwe (Innspace) @ Above Audio, Brighton
Sat 7th April - Rocksteady vs Disco Deviant - Pure, Jersey
Fri 20th April Disco Deviant presents A Love From Outer Space with Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston @ Audio. Early Birds @ £6.50 now on sale via R$N
Sat 21st April - Disco Deviant at Boondoggle, Electric Social, Brixton
Fri 4th May - Disco Deviant with DJ Garth, Adam Freeland & Pablo Contraband @ The Loft, Brighton
Sun May 6th Bank Holiday / Sunday Secret Rooftop / Brighton
Sat May 19th w/ Huxley @ Audio, Brighton
Sun June 3rd Bank Holiday / Sunday Secret Rooftop / Brighton

Pablo Contraband or Disco Deviant Events
Please contact:

Sunday, 11 March 2012


New Vinyl tip offs...semi rip offs!

Pricey but collectable as ever the Vinyl I like seems slightly overpriced but fuck it!

Re-issue, Remaster and remixed by Neurox on Moustache Holland, original is an old 1984 raritie and will set you back a lot more on Discogs (or 50c in a Baltimore thrift store if you are lucky)


If you have more money than you know what to do with just buy all three and dig out this ridiculous beast whilst you are at it! Its Red Vinyl, it's limited, it's by Com Truise and is just £20.99

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ugly Drums Interview & Mix

Steffen Baldo aka Ugly Drums first appeared on our radar with his brilliant release on Quintessentials last year. Quite Frankful was a well received 3 track EP that sold well (you'll need to dig about a bit to get a vinyl copy) which led onto more releases and remixes in 2012.  He's has remixed Broken - Andy Ash's recent release on Black Key and Mt Elephant and Toby Tobias have both recently employed his skills on his new Quintessentials EP.

  quintessentials 27: toby tobias - one night on mare street (ugly drums rmx) by quintessentials

We thought it was high time to catch up with Ugly Drums and find out what floats his boat. He also put us a lovely disco mix together which you can listen to & download.


PABLO: So tell us a bit about the mix, did you have any thing in mind when preparing the tracks?

Steffen UGLY DRUMS: Yes definitely, it always takes me some time to prepare a mix, finding tracks that fit together well and at the same time are telling a little story is my main goal, most of the time I'm not sticking to one particular style of music when doing mixes so I make my choices about which tracks to include into the mix more on the overall feel and vibe of the tracks.

Do you have a similar approach to your production ?
No, my way of producing tracks is a mess, I wish I would have the same clear vision while producing which I have when doing mixes, its not that I don't know in which direction I want to go with a track or how to do things but a lot of it happens by error, by just trying things out and just going with the flow. 

What can we expect from Ugly Drums in terms of releases in 2012?

Good question, I hope a lot :) ... some releases are in the pipeline, some remixes also, I finished a lot of music lately and for most of it I found a home. What I can definitly say is that a new release on Quintessentials will happen sooner or later this year which I'm very happy about because I like the label
a lot and working with them on the first release was one of the best experiences I have had.

What or who are your main influences musically?
That's a tuff one... I could go on and on and on about this question. in terms of genres, basically everything, stupid to say, I know, but I listen to all kinds of music from bands like motorhead or black sabbath to roy ayers and everything in between it just has to appeal to me in a certain form. When it comes to 
electronic music i really like what the people in Chicago and Detroit are doing + also labels like firecracker or rush hour inspire me a lot because they got a sound to it but at the same time they are coming up with fresh aproaches.
What inspires you?
Good food, good drinks, walking around looking at things.
Name two things you would love to do this year?

Travelling, i really want to see Japan , Vietnam, China, and Thailand and I hope I'm able to visit one of them.
Second thing would be to improve my cooking skills, not that I'm a bad cook at time but getting better
and more defined would be great.

What are your top 3 movies?
I am a total movie maniac, watching movies is the thing i do most when not producing music so its not an easy one
to answer since there are so many great movies out there so i think it makes more sense to just list some genres
and the things i like about them.

First would be 70/80`s Italian comedys, I like all the movies by Adriano Celentano and Thomas Milian,
second would be horror movies, of course all the classics like Friday the 13th , night of the living dead etc.
I also dig all the movies/mostly remakes rob zombie came up with during the last years , captain spaulding ftw. :)
+ a lot of new French horror/thriller cinema is really good like martyrs or all the Gaspar Noè flicks

Finally I would asy Asian cinema, I'm a huge fan of Takashi Miike.

Thanks for the interview Steffen and for putting the mix together for us it's great. 

UGLY DRUMS DJ Bookings/Remixes contact The Unity Agency


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Win tickets to Greg Wilson, Cosmic Boogie, Andy Ash at Queen of Hoxton

We have a few  tickets to giveaway to this one, for your chance to win a pair simply answer the following question:

Greg Wilson remixed The XX - Which track did he give the GW treatment too?

Email answer to - include your tel no as we will let the winner know on Tues 20th by phone and email.

Cosmic Boogie & Big In Japan present..


An Audio / Visual Experience curated and introduced by Greg Wilson - In a Warm Rooftop Wig Wam at the Queen Of Hoxton!

Screening Starts at 9pm / Limited £15 Combined Screening & Party Ticket from:

The Soundtrack Set launched last september with JD Twitch of Optimo re-imagining the score to the epic and legendary film 'Baraka - A World Beyond Words' . The screening took place on the big screen under the stars on the rooftop at the Queen of Hoxton accompanied by an open bar, bbq, directors chairs, popcorn and a good few blankets which came in handy! The experience was incredible to say the least.

Following the screening we headed into the venue for a late night party which saw hosts Cosmic Boogie & Capita of the Big In Japan parties play alongside fellow cohorts Dicky Trisco, Neil Diablo, Blacklodge, KAT records and JD Twitch himself.

The time has come to announce the second instalment which we are super excited about. Greg Wilson joins us on the rooftop for a special Audio / Visual experience curated and introduced by the man himself.

The screening will take place inside the Queen of Hoxton's very own pop up heated rooftop WigWam which will be serving mulled cider, hot buttered rum, sausages and a fantastic atmosphere to kick start the evening before we head inside for the party!

Late Night Party Ft:
8pm - 4am / £7 Before 11pm, £8 After on the Door (Party Only)