Monday, 31 January 2011

Incoming from Chile - Motivado - Bobby Fischer

Here's some tracks edited under the name of Motivao. Recently put out an EP on Discos Pegaos Label, all the way from Chile. Mario kindly sent us links he would like to share with you guys. He 's a fan of the blog and wanted to offer something in return for what we share. That's fine by us, hope some of you enjoy his tunes

  Motivado - Bobby Fischer by Discos Pegaos

Feel free to hear it, post it, share it or whatever, here's the download link:  

DD Date : Norman Jay at Audio, Brighton on Friday Mar 18th

Thought it worth announcing we have booked Norman Jay for Audio, Brighton on Friday March 18th. Stick it in the diary and spread the word. A few extra details to follow so watch this space for additions to the line up.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday Freebie - Creep - Days (Soul Clap mix)

Breathless and sexy, NYC female duo Creep had the remix rtreatment from Azari & III which was free on rcrdlbl, I liked it but preferred what Soul Clap had done with the track, and sulkily played Azari's mix for a week or so until I noticed this!! Free d/l from the clap! YES!! Fill yer boots :) 

  CREEP - Days (Soul Clap Remix) by Soul Clap 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Benoit & Sergio - Mini Mix

These guys are being hyped a bit, part of the Wolf & Lamb, Soul Clap clique, had a couple of releases that are both decent.

Here's a link to their mix currently doing the rounds courtesy of the aforementioned connections and Buzzin Fly
nice eclectic mix of styles and 80/90's house flava's. No Way Back b2b with What is Love being a highlight later in the mix.


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Weatherall Remixography - compiled by Bennyervine

Weatherall Special Part 2 | Swu Mega Rave | 04/11/10 by Bennyervine on Mixcloud

Looking forward to his Brighton visit on April 15th for Disco Deviant at Audio

Mixes from Lowlife New Years Day - Leo Zero, Michael Cook & Neville Watson

Thought I'd pop these up as it's one of my favourite parties. I didn't make it along so glad to get my mitts on these. Jay Strongman was supposed to play but has been very unwell with pneumonia, so I hope he's back on form now.

Download from DJ History 

or Sendspace
Neville Watson
Leo Zero
Michael Cook

I haven't listened yet so comments are welcome, I'm gonna start with Leo's :)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Monday, 24 January 2011

Axus - Abacus ....Tune !! as recommended by Tensnake

Lovely bit of vocal house made with a delicate touch. Lovin it! Reminds me slightly of when I first heard  Bjork sing.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Weatherall Live @ Electric Chair 2007

Superb eclectic 80's style of mix from Andrew Weatherall  at The Electric Chair in 2007, hoping to get something of a similar ilk for us all at Disco Deviant on April 15th @ Audio.

Diverse, classic and unexpected. Describes the mix and Mr Weatherall rather well . Everything from hip hop to italo on this one.

Decisions... decisions

Just over 2 weeks until TENSNAKE lands in Brighton for the first time.

Tickets are available from here for a mere £6:

Line up details are:

TENSNAKE Live (Permanent Vacation / Defected)
MAXXI SOUNDSYSTEM (Kojak Giant Sounds)
EL HARVO (Futureboogie)

FRIDAY 4th February
AUDIO, Brighton

Full Event details here: LINK

Also on the same night Go Bang do their first Warehouse thing in Brighton. Guest List only affair so you need to get on it to get in. It's a free entry party with Affy & Ali joined by a guest DJ they are describing as an Acid House Specialist..?

Email: for guest list and inclusion on their mailing list for future events.

Where you gonna go? Both maybe

Friday, 14 January 2011

Some crafty cuts selected for you

  Wham - Enjoy what you dub (Stephen Day's re-edit) Wav by Stephen Day

Recent discovery for me, Stephen Day has done a great job to get me to play Wham! check his page out, some fine work done over the months, available for free download... quick. Hoping to feature a mix from Stephen soon, watch this space.

  George Benson - What's On Your Mind (soho808 something's going on edit) by soho808

Sultry little version this, smooth and well, kinda sexual. soho808 on the re-edit duties, one for my bar sets or at home.

  Jolene (Northern Re-Touch) by BorderClinic

This hit my inbox earlier in the week and being a sucker for Jolene since I was a kid, I couldn't resist posting, poor quality d/l but he was good enough to link me to an aiff when I asked. Check it out, sure a lot of you won't like but I'm certain a lot more will.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pablo Contraband XX1 mix

Here's a short mix I put together at the tail end of 2010. features a handful of tracks I favoured in 2010, I really like every song on this one.

  Disco Deviant xx1 by Pablo Contraband
1. Phenomenal Hand Clap Band - Tears (Stallions remix)
2. Hot Chip - Hold On (Mook & Toof remix)
3. Azari &III - Reckless with your love (Good Guy Mikesh & Filbert mix)
4. The XX - VCR (Four Tet remix)
5. The XX - VCR (It's a fine line remix)
6. The Glimmers - U Rocked my world
7. Deadly Sins - Don't get up
8. Stefano e Bene ft Hardton - Why you love (Katzbatz remix)

Looking forward to playing a couple of gig's with local lad Rob Fahey he's the guy behind  Blacklodge & Alphabet City and has recently seen a string of releases do pretty well both on vinyl and digitally, he's also been picked up for a couple of compilations, most recently by Ministry of Sound. He's done a few decent edits that are still up for grabs on soundcloud too. If you fancy catching us in action here in Brighton, we are at The Fishbowl on Friday 21 Jan and then at Disco Deviant - Above Audio on Friday Feb 11th. Both free entry bar gigs, so pop in if you can.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Jay Haze Music 2.0 Interview on RA

Jay Haze delivers a great piece to RA from his home in Lima, covers music and the profiteers he despises working within the industry. His take on album releases and how electronic music has taken down the concept of an album, fabric and their strengths in the supporting of artists they believe in, London and our intellect.

More importantly Jay touches on being human and connecting with that around us, the problems we can act on resolving, instead of just accepting them and throwing a dollar at them.

Interesting read. LINK

Monday, 10 January 2011

R&B edits! I'm kinda diggin them

I used to dread the approach of some 'processed' bird and her mate, fresh out the tanning booth and minus their skirts or knickers or both to deliver the immortal line ' got any r&b?' 'pon the replay?' etc etc.

I used to dread it and have prepacked answers ready to discourage any further demands and embarrass them slightly, not too much as they have a knack of getting steroid abusers involved if foul language is used too soon.

Perversely of recent, for reasons I know not why,I have found myself strangely drawn to early Usher tracks and Lumidee. Zhane and Tweet. It all sprang out of the commercial gigs I pick up for $, where the crowd are mainstream and request focused.  21 year old's telling me what they wanna hear often lead to me needing to play some R&B kinda tunes.

It seems I am not alone in this initially shameful penchant. As time went by I realised there are plenty of jocks playing, albeit their own edits, R&B and Hip Hop.

Here I intend to highlight or name & shame depending on your standpoint a few of the best examples...or worst offenders.

Wolf & Lamb Black , Crosstown Rebels, Greg Wilson, Souled, Soul Clap, Green Meadows, Fat Camp, Leo Zero - All guilty of supporting and promoting a genre sneered at over the years by a massive amount of the DJ's I know.

Imagination meet Missy via GW

  Erykah Badu - Honey (Souled Remix) by Souled

Bill Brewster being naughty!
  02 Bobby by Soul Clap
Elyte and Cnyce Humpin around with Bobby.
  What's Up by Green Meadows
Hey WTF's up with Green Meadows

Genius use of Massive Attack, Amerie & The Stones - hats off to the PTA for these and of course to Mr Wilson for putting them together.

  Rhianna 'Rude Boy' ( Leo Zero Re-work) by Leo Zero
Not the best in my opinion but proof it goes further than you would expect!

Question is what you gonna do about it? I'm already embracing this, it feels good to come out the closet! Not everyone will be down with this trend but I'm riding it baby. It's up to you - you got two options, eat or throw it away?

Saturday, 8 January 2011

New label alert - Boogie Originals

From the people that brought you Cosmic Boogie, a new label is in the wings awaiting it's debut release on vinyl only. A 3 track EP from the North of England, Stu Robinson (Cosmic Boogie, Andy Ash & Neil Scott (El Diablo's) all contribute to what promises to be a fine release.

Here's the first one I heard from the EP 'Fast & Loose' - Cosmic Boogie. He's nailed it here, nice mid tempo house / post disco sound with the expert use of a vocal hook that appeared on another seminal release in 2010.

  Fast and Loose - Cosmic Boogie by Cosmic Boogie


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Extravaganza / R+B edits - Soul Clap - Wolf & Lamb. WAV

One of my staple tunes for the past 6 months. Not everyone rated it but I sure do, and it still draws quite a reaction from the crowd and interest in the booth.

It came out vinyl only on Wolf + Lamb black, with Jamie Foxx's vocal used to perfection. Here's a big fat WAV for all to enjoy

Extravaganza - Soul Clap WAV

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Brighton DD Exclusive date: Greg Wilson Friday February 25th, Audio

Disco Deviant bring Greg Wilson back to Brighton for what promises to be another great night.

Greg Wilson needs little in the way of introduction and has been a firm favorite of ours having provided the sound track at a few almost legendary nights for us here in Brighton. 2010 has probably been one of his most successful years to date both as a DJ and remixer alike.

Pablo Contraband has honed his sound over the years and seems to have nailed down delivering an exciting mix of new tracks alongside some classic sounds from house to soul, funk and disco. Always interesting.

Also added to the line up is Matthew Burgess (Lowlife), he's played a massive part in the Lowlife parties over the years and was a favourite at Vintage and Electric Elephant this year too. We're happy to have him on board.

Grab an early bird for £5 until mid Jan before they go up to £7. These parties do normally sell out.

Tickets: Rounder / Resident / 412 Fashion / Dance 2

Or Online via RA

Disco Deviant : Greg Wilson at Audio: Lineups, tickets and info

Monday, 3 January 2011

DD Mix: Matthew Burgess (Lowlife)

Happy New Year, hope you all had a good time on NYE.

Last month's guest at Disco Deviant was none other than Matthew Burgess, he played a great couple of hours for us in December.

Here's part 1 of that set, I've had it on a lot since, a great selection including Pointer Sisters, Dr Hook, Firefly and what sounds like a demo of FGTH - Relax plus lot's of other classic tracks. I'm pleased to say Matthew will now be playing with myself & Greg Wilson on Feb 25th @ Audio. There are some £5 early bird tickets available from RA LINK after that they are £7 each. Grab one whilst you still can.

I will post part 2 of Matthew's set in a couple of weeks time.