Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pablo Contraband live @ Disco Deviant (28 Oct)

Fresh off the press is a recording from Friday night's party in Brighton. Pablo played before and after Andrew Weatherall. Here's the first part of the night. A nice selection of disco meets dark electronic beats.

  Pablo Contraband @ Disco Deviant (Oct 28 2011) by The Unity Agency

Pocket Porn Dub - Renegade Sound Wave
Broadway - Rayko
Bunching - Mosca
Darwin - Bicep
Party - Evil K'neil (aka Neil Diablo)
Badabing (Diskjokke mix) - Martin Brodin
Red Right Hand (Rio Lobotomy Ops) - Nick Cave
Call Me (Dixon edit) - Mark E
The Drummer (Danny Daze mix) - Niki & The Dove
Tomorrows Bringing (Bicep mix) - Toby Tobias
Dub is all you need - Jon Dasilva
Indoor Pool (Soft Rocks mix) - Runaway
I'm into this - Homework
Living the Life (Aba Therapy mix) - Art Dept ft Seth Troxler
Baby I got it (Richy Ahmed mix) - Miguel Campbell
Twirl & the Beanstalk - Tornado Wallace
Creeper - Deepgroove
Musique Noir (Jamie Jones edit) - James Teej & Jonny White

Our thanks to The Unity Agency

Pablo Contraband DJ Bookings / Disco Deviant club events contact :

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Monday, 24 October 2011

Free Tiger and Woods Album

Free heat here in the form of a 15 track 'album' from the ever elusive Tiger and Woods camp. Fortunately, there isn't a golf club in sight and the album features a selection of edits of the disco, house, funk and soul sounds that they have come to love. You can grab it here.

The tracks are also available to stream below.

Tiger and Woods "Wiki & Leaks" 01-15 by As You Like It

There are some nice suprises hiden here and their reworkings are never dull. "
We love it when you discover something new in a song you already know. If the edit is just meant to "fix the beat" or just extend it, then it's not our cup of tea".

Fill your boots.

KelleyPolar - 'Nocturne'

Some of you will be familiar with the name Kelley Polar from his previous collaborations with Metro Area's Darshan Jesrani and Morgan Geist on tracks like 'Miura', 'Dance Reaction' and 'Caught Up'.

After a three year break, Polar is back with his latest release on Geist's own 'Environ' label. Lead track 'I'm Not What You Want' features the vocals of Junior Boys frontman Jeremy Greenspan but its 'Nocturne' on the flip that pushes the buttons for us. Emilia Logik provides the voacals on this haunting duet that is every bit as forward thinking as Polar's previous releases. A proper piece of modern day synth-pop.

Buy Here

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hot Tip! Evil K'neil - To Rack & Ruin Vol 2

Check this beast out, any party could do with a bit of this. Neil Diablo has been on fine form of late and this is a superb release. Grab it soon on vinyl 300 copies won't last too long.

Friday, 14 October 2011

The Mix they tried to ban - Track Marks by Pablo Contraband

Soundcloud blocked it for copyright. They won't stop me posting it here though.

100 downloads only

Fresh selection from Pablo Contraband.

'More about the tracks and the flow than anything - have been wanting to record a selection of music that I feel totally connected with from start to finish. This most definitely qualifies'

Track marks

my sweet prince - placebo
looter - ron basejam
once upon a time (sour grapes mix) - dorothy's ghost
sutphin boulevard (bicep mix) - blood orange
whipped cream (darabi mix) - homework
fianchetto (edit) - radical majik
lang tung ting - prins thomas
indoor pool (soft rocks mix) - runaway
twirl & the beanstalk - tornado wallace
boogie thru the night - sleazy mcqueen
red right hand (rio lobotomy mix) - nick cave & the bad seeds
living the life (abu therapy mix) - art department ft. seth troxler
baby i got it (richy ahmed mix) - miguel campbell
metro bunker - ryan crosson
berlin sunrise (lee jones mix) - fink

Monday, 10 October 2011

Free downloads from Rayko - get em whilst you can

Turn the music up is a straight shot of boogie with a funk chaser. I like it!

  Turn the music up (rayko edit) [free download] by Rayko

I have this one from Bill Brewster's Secret Weapons series. Here Rayko has put his spin on the track 80's loopy stomp with a hint of Miami Vice in the guitars. Not everyone's cuppa Rosie but hey you don't have to download it.

Voices (Rayko edit)

  Voices (rayko power krokett edit) [free download] by Rayko

It's Pablo Contraband's birthday and he's throwing one hell of a party to celebrate it with.

Greg Wilson is everything that we love at Disco Deviant, he always comes along and gives us one hell of a performance, surpassing our expectations and sending us home with a massive smile and a load of great memories. He has been instrumental in cementing the night's popularity in Brighton and loves playing here.

Rayko will be jetting in from Madrid and dropping some of his bombs upon us all. Rayko's brand of electronic boogie and disco restyled to suit today's dancefloor have made him very popular. His legion of soundcloud followers are testament to that fact and he is currently a very busy DJ & Producer playing gigs all around the globe.

Being that it's Pablo's birthday it's only natural he will be playing a set at some point in the proceedings to mark the occasion.

Expect that tickets will go pretty quickly for this one so don't hang about.

Available online from:

Rounder Brighton Sq. 01273 325440
Resident Kensington Gdns 01273 606312

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Andrew Weatherall returns to Brighton Friday October 28th

Disco Deviant were treated to an absolutely sublime aural feast last time Andrew Weatherall graced the decks for us back in April.

We have been loving Mr Weatherall's style for over 2 decades now and he still cuts it for us having been consistently impressive with some amazing remixes of recent. We're happy to have him back to headline for us again at Audio.

The last event was superb and totally sold out in advance, so we are expecting more of the same this time too.

Pablo Contraband will be warming things up for us and setting the tone for what promises to be another quality Disco Deviant party.

Tickets are £7.50 in advance from
Resident, Kensington Gardens 01273 606312
Rounder, Brighton Sq 01273 325440
Or online via RA

Looking forward to Lord Sabre's return

  Andrew Weatherall at Disco Deviant (04.2011) by The Unity Agency

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New EP from House of Disco + Toby Tobias at Savage Pony

New EP from House of Disco featuring 4 tracks from various artists that I'm assuming are favourites of theirs is set to drop on vinyl shortly and here's where you can pre-order yours. The last one was a really good vinyl release selling a fair whack before they let it go out on digital. 

They have been running an excellent site for a while now that sends its subscribers a track almost every day of the week, as well as featuring guest mixes and interviews from artists around the globe. Great place to check in if you are a fan of House and Disco. Click here 

They also co-run a monthly session in Dalston under the guise of Savage Pony at the recently re-furbed Junction Room. Last month they had Tornado Wallace join them in testing the frequencies of the all new sound system, it's safe to say it passed the acid test. This month see's Toby Tobias guesting with the option of 2 rooms to choose from playing in. The basement has now opened its doors for business and will add another dimension to the venue. Why not take a trip down there on Friday Oct 14th and see for yourself. Savage Pony kicks off at 9pm and keeps going deep into the early hours - amazingly it's FREE.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Pricey Plastic pt 2

Another pricey piece of plastic in the form of Sadistic EP #1  from COS / MES. Fairly decent A side with a more cosmic track on the flip. Ships from Funiki Japan via Juno at £13.99

Next up another Japanese import this time from Scotland based Lord of the Isles. Pacific Afinity EP is a lovely 5 track release worthy of the £13.99 price tag in my opinion. Lovely soundscapes, slo mo beats and ambient atmospherics as well as some acidic grooviness pepper the EP and make this purchase all the more alluring. A COS/MES remix finishes the B-Side with a pumping dancefloor version of To & Fro.