Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Inbetween Days

Hi there, I've been away for a few weeks but what with Xmas out the way and NYE approaching I have had some time to scan through some fabulous music recently.

Everything from Arpadys & Tele Music remixed to some downright clever edits and remixes have been doing the business for me. I have to admit some fairly decent blogs have supplied me with these tracks so check out, BEAT ELECTRIC, BOOGIE BANGER & SOCIAL DISCO CLUB and see what I'm talking about.

Here's a nice little tech/minimal production called A Thousand Nights (Extrawelt remix) - don't know much else about it I'm afraid but I am enjoying it's delicate build up, into an attention holding dancefloor weapon.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Pablo's Disco Honey Mix 1

I have just finished listening to this baby for the third time. Very simply puts together classic US disco cuts, some re-edited alongside some fresher slices of Scandinavia's finest. There's a definite tip of the hat to Greg Wilson & his dj style. Great records played throughout.

Download it & I'm sure you will enjoy.

Pablo's Disco Honey:

Get Up & Dance (accapella) - Afrika Bambata
Don't Let Go (Pete Herbert edit) - Tony Orlando
Rapture (6ms edit) - Blondie
I Specialise in Love - Sharon Brown
Ballerina - Lindstrom & Prins Thomas
I want your Love (Todd Terje edit) - Chic
If you want me (Maelstrom edit) - Barbara Roy
Vesuvio (Prinsens Disko Deluxe) - Jackmaster Dahlback
Fly Robin Fly (Fromage edit) - Silver Connection
Lost in Music (Revenge rework) - Chic
Glad to know you (Todd Terje edit) - Chaz Jankel
Ain't Nobody ( F Knuckles Hallucinogenic dub)

For Bookings / Enquiries contact: / 07910 583211

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Oh lovely ! a little (7's) mix from Andy Blake - Dissident

Here's the link - d/l and enjoy a proper little tape of interesting and fun 7"s from Andy Blake.

Dissident Mixtape

He's joining us at Inside Out in Brighton for our Halloween special - come along if you are in the hood.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Shit hot friday

Just picked up the new album from one of my favourites Kings of Leon. I loved Because of the Times and Only by the Night is no disappointment either. On first hearing its good, but given a bit of time I'm sure there are a few greats on here. I remember it took me a fair few listens of the previous album too identify On Call, Knocked up & Ragoo as absolute killer tracks, I'm still dropping them today and they always get a great reaction.

Went and saw The Ting Tings play in London on Weds night, pretty good live, although they don't have much material to work with right now.

They have had 3 great singles from their first album and are more palatable than the white stripes on stage, will they have enough new ideas and talent to stick around? I hope so.

They were on and off stage within an hour including an encore, suits me on a weds night!

Been listening to a lot of live and demo material from various Brighton bands and singer/songwriters, for a number of gigs I'm programming. Here's a couple of the best bits...

This is by Little Frank - I don't have a title I'm afraid

This is from a great singer Carly Bryant, check her covering Scissor sisters -Take Ya Mama

Let me know about any other local/touring acts that are worth checking out and are looking for gigs.

These guys are playing OM in Brighton next Thursday, so come along if you can.

Now on to something different - a couple of Disco delicacies for you.

Issac Hayes - Disco Connection

Dusty Springfield - That's the Kind of Love I got for you

Both nice disco tracks - I love the strings on Dusty.... anyway I've got a couple of gigs over the weekend and then seeing my Mum on Sunday, nice, I hope you enjoy your weekend. Bye

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Esca in Brighton has some Quality bookings in October

ESCA Line Up October / November


10.10 Love Me Love You Back DJs

17.10 Ali Broadcast (Go Bang!)

24.10 Daniel Donnachie (Cosmic Dancing)

31.10 Andy Blake (Dissident Records)

07.11 Dj Hollie

14.11 Ali Broadcast


11.10 DrkHrse & Sholto Carr

18.10 Andy Mac (Skint)

25.10 Drkhrse

01.11 Andy G (ElectricSex)

08.11 Contraband DJs

Feature Highlights

Andy Blake is the man behind Dissident Records, one of London's most prolific (the imprint has had 30 odd releases and a CD compilation in its short lifespan) and respected Underground labels. They release in limited runs of 200 vinyl pressings and have come to the attention of Optimo, Prins Thomas, Erol Alkan, Weatherall, Francios K, Derrick May & The DFA, no mean feat as Dissident release no promos or MP3 links, the records have to be bought in ...well record shops!

Andy plays vinyl only " when it comes to me djing its records all the way. If I'm doing a gig and my names on the flyer, I'm represent myself and Dissident its vinyl or nothing. I know people like the idea of carrying thousands of tunes with them on CD or laptops, but how often does that mean they pull out some wild choice? I think it's often the case that they play safe and go with what will definitely work rather than take a chance or two. There's something really good about making a commitment to a Hundred or so tunes that you want to play and have hunch will work while you are packing your records."

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Love Me Love You Back Chart - Oct 08

DC-10 forced to close again... possibly for the last time is reporting that authorities closed DC-10 this morning mere minutes before Circoloco was set to begin with its penultimate 2008 edition.

The embattled venue was closed earlier this summer, forced by authorities to serve out the remainder of the 60 day ban that had been handed down in 2007. After opening again in mid-August for business, however, last week the Sant Josep Council made the decision to inform the club of yet another sanction: a €300,000 fine and closure for 1 year.

Once again, it seems as if the legal issue is the capacity of the club, which is only officially allowed to have 65 people on the premises at any one time. Ibizavoice reports that DC10 appealed the decision, but that "the Judge refused to retract after balancing the financial interests of DC10 with the obvious discrepancy in the number of people allowed in, and actually attending, the club."

As it stands now, the next time it will be possible for the club to open will be in 2010, but considering how arduous the legal process has been thus far, we'd advise clubbers not to hold their breath. The Ibiza hotspot may finally have seen its 'final' party.

Authorities close DC10 once again

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Party you may be wanna come too.



Wonderland Avenue & Joel Xavier (Whoop /Kinky Vinyl)
Andy Mac (skint)
Contraband DJs


Andy Blake (Dissident)
Love Me Love You Back DJs

FREE PARTY - Al Duomo, Brighton - Next to Pavilion gardens... 9pm - 6am


A couple of Sunday tracks for you - Are they Balearic..?

The weathers taken a turn for the worst here with cold, rain and winds, giving us plenty of reasons to just stay indoors.

The 2 gigs I played this weekend were fairly quiet compared to previous weekends, which was disappointing - it was payday this week for most people but the streets were fairly quiet all the same.

Anyhow, I went on to a friends birthday at a balearic night that has switched venues recently, Trevor Fung was booked to play an Italo/Balearic set, 2 wooly genres in my experience... normally it means old records when people mention balearic/italo.

I arrived and within 25 minutes I had heard the most obvious of choices played in fairly rapid succession, Stretch's - Why did you do it? (albeit it a remix) - My Bloody Valentine - Glider (Weatheralls mix).... yawn... oh and just to show I wasn't unlucky the piano intro from Bocca Juniors' - Raise soon followed, the best of the bunch so far.

I was feeling that this nostalgia was forced, thrust at me, with no real thought or imagination...

I didn't stick around for Trevor Fungs set, but I wonder if he freshened things up at all... I would of stayed to find out, but aa unforgivably dodgy track meant I had to leave...

Love is Contagious .... possibly by Nina?? Dear me... TAXI!!

I love music enough to listen to all sorts and I understand balearic, but if we're gonna have a renaissance of this genre, whats wrong with mixing it up a bit, instead of constantly sweeping out the Shoom cupboard..

Here's a couple I think of as Balearic...

Badly Drawn Boy - Promises (Reverso 68 mix)

Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man (Morgan Geist edit)

What do you think?

Grace jones 'Hurricane' due for October release in UK

Grace Jones has recorded and is due to release her first album in 20 years on UK label Wall of Sound some time in October 08.

she made a surprise appearance at Bestival and performed like the diva she is. I look forward to her new album, in the mean time watch her in action performing Nipple to the Bottle....

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Disco biscuits for bedtime

Here's a couple from the vault that I'm feelin right now, first up is from 80s Scots Pop outfit Altered Images - They were fronnted by Claire Grogan & are still played at weddings etc... Happy Birthday / It's my party (I'll cry if I want to) were there best known releases.

This however is something altogether different, a funk fuelled slice of disco bizniz.

Altered Images - Reduction (cosmic business)

Next up is MGMT they are hitting all the right notes with me - this remix from Soulwax drove the crowds crazy when Erol Alkan dropped it at Bestival last month.

MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Nite Version).mp3

Sunny Morning Track

It's a beautiful day today in Brighton, clear sky and bright sunshine - a direct contrast to the crappy summer we had here.

The festival season was marred by dodgy weather throughout and I clung on to the hope that by Bestival in September we would have some sunshine and lovely weather - dry at least...

How wrong could I have been. The scenes above tell the story, muddy as hell.

However I was not going to miss out on the rizla arena's fine programming and took the ferry to the IOW on saturday and got stuck in.

We were not disappointed - Greg Wilson was on top form, as were Andy Blake of Dissident records and Horsemeat Disco.

So although it was raining occasionally, and very muddy, we still had a ball.

One or two of the top tunes included:

Psycho Killer (Greg Wilson edit) - Talking Heads

Walking on Confusion (Greg Wilson edit)


Here's a glimpse of Greg Wilson at work in the Rizla Invisible Players arena. The mud and the rain are easily overcome by the the people, the music and the atmosphere.