Saturday, 11 April 2009

X press 2 – new release – Now I’m on it

I've been a fan of Rocky & Diesel since way back when. I first caught them at Shave yer tongue many moons ago at Simpsons in the hell hole they call Bracknell.

They released a superb mix CD journeys by dj which most house heads will agree was great, and still worth checking out. Muzik Xpress, London Xpress were too, worthy tracks that hung around in my bag for… well years actually they are still close to hand even now. Ashley Beedle was another Boys Own cohort that made Rocky and Diesel become 3 as Xpress2. They have some pretty diverse and occasionally chart bound releases on Skint, but they are still well in touch with the tough Underground sound (check smoke machine out)

Heres a link to their new Release Now I'm on it/Fear One which see's a return to the Club sound I feel is absent from the Studio Album releases that have been more vocal, with mainstream appeal. These new tracks are dancefloor weapons.

There's also an Xpress 2 DJ set from Feb 2009 on the same page so help yourselves.

I'm glad to say I have Rcky and Diesel playing with me on May22nd at Funky Buddha, Brighton. Ali Go Bang! Will also be in the house, and we've asked Rocky and Diesel to go retro for some of their 3 hour set, so some classic acid and disco should feature too!!

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