Saturday, 9 May 2009

Rocky & Diesel hit Brighton - May 22

I'll be playing alongside some DJ hero's of mine - Rocky & Diesel on Fri May 22 in Brighton.

Never mind XPress2 these guys were rocking it way before Lazy ever hit the charts. During my late teenage years and ecstasy fueled club era in the early 90's Rocky & Diesel did it for me everytime. They are clever with their music and it will be a pleasure to have them join us for a GO BANG! special at the Funky Buddha.

We've started celebrating this month,Go Bang! micro festival is specifically about championing Detroit House, Electrofunk, Disco dubs and all the off piste and slo mo sounds that have wet our whistles, despite remaining largely ignored in Brighton. Go Bang! has gained strength from sticking to it's collective guns and playing it straight. This year we have started strong and also attracted some names to get involved in this largely just for kicks, series of events.

Ali Broadcast has been the driving force in getting this scene recognised, initially by it's collective parts, and now on a broader scale. We have seen some smashing nights take shape, paving the way for successful visits from Greg Wilson (what a night), Andy Blake, Ben Pistor, and soon we'll see Severino (HMD) and Rocky & Diesel visit town with a bunch of records to make us smile.

I'm involved and happy to be a part of such a friendly bunch of DJ's, dancers, organisers and music munchers.

May has become a month I look forward to since Go Bang! has been established. Long MAY it continue.

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