Thursday, 9 July 2009

Some special shiz

I have been away for a bit - getting married and honeymoon - we had a hell of a party and totally went for it with Greg Wilson playing at our reception. Brilliant times!

Anyway the stuff I have to post has kind of popped up on the ipod or old cd I put on looking for suitable background music for the wedding breakfast.

Here goes:

A superb intro glides you sneakily into a track that wouldn't normally raise a lot of interest from me. I remember the days when my friends and djs would cover labels to avoid prejudice toward this kinda track. It's a superb remix of Erasure - Ship of Fools. Give it a whirl.

ship of fools (shiver me timbers mix)

Again a mainstream artist has caught my attention, Ashley Beedle has doe a sublime job on one of Elton Johns best. The original was caned by the Aficionado crew, mainly Moonboots I believe, there was a release and top ten chart success, so I guess Ashleys mix was commissioned then. I'm just glad it was!

R U ready For Love

Here's another corker much more underground this time Renegade Soundwave have never let me down, here's a classic sampling INXS to fine effect. From their In Dub Album I give you, Deadly - RSW

Okay so there's a load of retro for ya, maybe I should include something a little fresher....maybe not. Here's another 80's band that I really loved at the time. The Smiths were sarcastic and antagonistic, with Vegetarian slogans and Morrissey's strange sexual appetite. Their music was what made me like the band - the other thing was their album artwork, they were great covers weren't they? The politics were a bit tiresome, but I never really took it seriously anyway.

Here's Allez-Allez's edit of The Smiths - Barbarism begins at Home - (great title!)

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