Wednesday, 9 September 2009

GO Bang Outdoors One more Time - This Summer

We touch down at The Gladstone on Lewis Road a week this Saturday from midday till 1am on Saturday 19th of September

We're ready, willing and able (we think) to give everyone one last outside party down the boozer before we all hibernate until next year

Thought it best to tell you that we have a marquee standing by for the outside part of the day if the weather turns odd plus both rooms inside the venue will be starting at 9pm with all manner of djs from some well loved and respected local venues joining us (see event details)

There's also a BBQ on all day if you get the munchies

If you haven't been to a Go Bang event before check out a video of people who have to see why we carry on doing these gatherings down the pub;

Thank you for an amazing year whilst sticking by us as we tried to find a venue suitable for what we think we do best and you all enjoy

We had a few knock backs along the way but at last we've found that perfect space again, this time at The Gladstone on Lewis Road in Brighton

All that's needed now is to fill it with all of you nice folks and we're on for yet another good one

See you on the 19th as we give it one last go before our annual festival next year in 2010 which will be our 3rd one since we started in 2008

Take care, see you in a week or so

Affy, Ali plus all the crew at The Gladstone

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