Monday, 23 November 2009

A few beaty beauty's for ya!

It's been a busy weekend for me but thought I'd stick a few gems up for you as I have a few spare hours today.

Del Gardo - Coffee Beats - Quality bit of latin, percussion led house. Very carnival flavoured with a BIG bass drop. got this vinyl back in 90's on Roger Sanchez's Release Yourself compilations. Still stands up today - LINK

Pink Lunch - Brown Love - An unreleased Trevor Jackson jam, falls into disco not disco / house category. I find it extremely playable. Try it out. LINK

Meters - It Ain't No Use - What can I say about this one. Mancuso's loft would've been treated to this one I believe. Long, rich and classy. Guitar and drums driving a sublime vocal. 12 minutes long but it really kicks 7 and a half minutes in and twists and turns into an epic track with some great drumming and bass. Enjoy LINK

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