Tuesday, 12 January 2010

No more pop mood

Sisters EP - Pulp - A classy bit of Pop music, I was introduced to this one in a flat on the outskirts of Windsor by a very enthusiatic record collector called Ian B aka Fats, he had a real taste for getting on it and playing lots of good records, in a real Balearic spirit. He was not your average veggie either, very aggressive in his beliefs, big dogs, brandy & mdma spring to mind, plus various very detailed anecdotes, that would really hinge on you all getting into it, to really feel the punchline, lots of laughs. Bless him, I don't know where he's at now but this is for Fats LINK

Another from a bit later is 12" version of Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat. I've heard my pal Dom Tuck play this out on various occasions and he seems to revel in the discomfort the intro tends to provoke in certain members of the audience. It is long, beatless, descriptive and dramatic, plus it's very subject matter and Jimmy Somerville's vocal are emotive, distinct and absolutely queer - when played loud is very powerful. What's not to like I say?? But it seems to disturb and unnerve quite a few people, even in open minded Brighton, I've seen booth complaints fly in during the build... but when it kicks, it's all smiles. It takes a bit of front to play this one out, but I urge you to DO IT! Eh Dom? LINK

Cage & Aviary - Hot cancel. Superb bit of live sounding indie/disco from these guys. It's a goodun. LINK

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