Wednesday, 3 March 2010

With Friday's party at the Globe just around the corner and a few days of blue sky under our belts, what better than a little Metro Area to help get us over the Wednesday hump and ready for weekend?!

Originally released in 2001 on Morgan Geist's Environ Records, "Let's Get..." could be found on the flip of Metro Area 4 E.P. along with "Strut" - with their all conquering Miura on the A side.

Trainspotters may notice that Metro Area 4 is the only EP in the series which does not feature vibrant colours on the vinyl label (the EP was mastered in New York on 10th September 2001 - a day before the terrorist attacks & the black replaced the bright colours out of respect for their city).

Still sounding as fresh today as ever, Metro Area's sound is part disco, deep house, techno, electro and boogie - using both live and electronic instruments, each release has an indisputable warmth and a groove responsible for many dance floor shivers ;-)

I'm sure most of you reading this will be very well acquainted with Metro Area, if not, I'd absolutely recommend purchasing a copy of their self titled album (also on Environ), and their recent FabricLive mix isn't too shabby either.....

The weekend is now even closer :-)

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