Thursday, 19 August 2010

Local Zero's August Mix

Not made a mix for 7 weeks, which a record for me, so just threw together a bunch of (mainly vinyl) tracks I've been playing alot recently. The Session Victim track is a real favourite at the moment, as is the last track, a clever edit of UB40, rumoured to be by Mark E (the B side Kultra 2 is also dynamite)

Props to Session Victim, Stupid Human, Cosmic Boogie, InnerWestSoul, Ooft, Editanment, Hot Toddy & Leftside Wobble (Pablo played "Dub A Way" at the Greg Wilson gig a few weeks ago & it sounded INCREDIBLE!)

Didn't realise half the tracks had "Love" in the title until after, hence "Too Much Love"

1. Session Victim – Move Me So [Retreat 06]
2. Cosmic Boogie - Talk To Me [Bedmo Disco]
3. Melba Moore – Love's Comin' At Ya (Ooft Remix)
4. Tiger & Woods - Love In Cambodgia [Editainment]
5. Leftside Wobble – Dub A Way [Autodiscotheque]
6. War –Youngblood (Cosmic Boogie's You Don't Know Me Edit)
7. Stupid Human - A Straight Ahead [Stupid Human]
8. Surface – Falling In Love (InnerWestSoul Edit)
9. Hot Toddy – Down To Love [Smoke N Mirrors]
10. Cleo & Patra - Pharaoh Love [Editainment]
11. Stupid Human - Ahh, You're Welcome [Stupid Human]
12. Slave – Feel My Love (InnerWestSoul Edit)
13. Kultra 1 [Kultra]

Local Zeros - August Mix (Too Much Love) by Local Zeros

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