Monday, 6 September 2010

Secret Venue for another Sunday bash October 31st Brighton

We have just confirmed a great venue in Brighton for another of our guest list only Secret Parties. It's not gonna be possible to do anything open air in Autumn / Winter, but the idea of not having another bash until May was a bit disappointing too quite a few of you.

Fortunately we have persuaded a venue to let us have one of our parties there on Sunday 31st October. It really is a stunning spot with great views and a unique feeling to it. We would have left it until the warmer weather but this space really made it irresistible.

It will be another guest list only affair, for friends and their friends only. Get your requests in by emailing The venue will be announced on the eve of the party via email.

Here's a mix from Rich on the deep house tip - he was outstanding on the rooftop in August so looking forward to some more of that.
  Beyond vol.3 by Rich Harmer

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