Friday, 3 December 2010

Southsea Brothers in arms - C.O.R - Boxing Day Beano and Free Album

Just along the South Coast on our fair island lurks a place called Southsea. They have a skate park there I seem to remember and are neighbours with Portsmouth, a famous naval town.

Also amongst their ranks are a crew of music obsessives and DJ's collectively known as Civilisation of the Rough - COR for short. Between them they own some fine records, have partied with the best of them and generally keep the fire burning. The COR Parties have had some brilliant bookings (a few mirrored our tastes exactly here at DD) with Greg Wilson, Alfredo, Bill Brewster, Diesel and Michael Cook all having played for them.

Their next party is on Boxing Day and features another canny booking, Dave Jarvis (Faith) will join them and no doubt smash the floor. A founder of Faith Fanzine and the associated nights that have been an integral part of the dance scene and British club culture for 20 years.

I recommend checking the website out as it's jam packed with details of what the COR guys are all about and where & when the parties they throw will be.

LINK to details

They are a kindly collective and seeing as it's the season of giving they have supplied us with a couple of pressies. One is a mix by Mark Persaud linked to a new project they have, a night called caberet voltaire.
Again the selection on here is excellent and features a handful of tracks from 89 to now, I would and do play all of them so hat's off.

  Mark Persaud : Cab-Vol Mix #1 : Pt1 by Cab-Vol

  Mark Persaud : Cab-Vol Mix #1 : Pt2 by Cab-Vol

Not satisfied with that? Well they've spoiled us here so fear not you greedy lot. They put an album together a while ago and dished 100 copies out to their crowd at the launch party. This is the retrospective studio mix album of COR's best dancefloor 'moments', sequenced in Ableton and Cubase with a few disco sprinkles and cheeky edits chopped in for good measure. Each of the 7 residents chose their best tracks and Leon Windsor took them into the studio to try to glue them into a coherent whole. They gave 100 copies away in September, complete with beautiful artwork, sleeve notes etc. Here it is in free download version. Hope you like it.

  The Civilisation of the Rough - COR Moments Album by Leon Windsor

There you go that's a fair bit of love from the COR camp, however if you dig a bit deeper on Leon's SC page there are a couple of edits also up for grabs.

If you like what you hear you will be pleased to know I'm thinking of getting a couple of them down to play for DD in Brighton early 2011 so watch this space.

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