Monday, 10 January 2011

R&B edits! I'm kinda diggin them

I used to dread the approach of some 'processed' bird and her mate, fresh out the tanning booth and minus their skirts or knickers or both to deliver the immortal line ' got any r&b?' 'pon the replay?' etc etc.

I used to dread it and have prepacked answers ready to discourage any further demands and embarrass them slightly, not too much as they have a knack of getting steroid abusers involved if foul language is used too soon.

Perversely of recent, for reasons I know not why,I have found myself strangely drawn to early Usher tracks and Lumidee. Zhane and Tweet. It all sprang out of the commercial gigs I pick up for $, where the crowd are mainstream and request focused.  21 year old's telling me what they wanna hear often lead to me needing to play some R&B kinda tunes.

It seems I am not alone in this initially shameful penchant. As time went by I realised there are plenty of jocks playing, albeit their own edits, R&B and Hip Hop.

Here I intend to highlight or name & shame depending on your standpoint a few of the best examples...or worst offenders.

Wolf & Lamb Black , Crosstown Rebels, Greg Wilson, Souled, Soul Clap, Green Meadows, Fat Camp, Leo Zero - All guilty of supporting and promoting a genre sneered at over the years by a massive amount of the DJ's I know.

Imagination meet Missy via GW

  Erykah Badu - Honey (Souled Remix) by Souled

Bill Brewster being naughty!
  02 Bobby by Soul Clap
Elyte and Cnyce Humpin around with Bobby.
  What's Up by Green Meadows
Hey WTF's up with Green Meadows

Genius use of Massive Attack, Amerie & The Stones - hats off to the PTA for these and of course to Mr Wilson for putting them together.

  Rhianna 'Rude Boy' ( Leo Zero Re-work) by Leo Zero
Not the best in my opinion but proof it goes further than you would expect!

Question is what you gonna do about it? I'm already embracing this, it feels good to come out the closet! Not everyone will be down with this trend but I'm riding it baby. It's up to you - you got two options, eat or throw it away?


warmsound said...

some of those sound like house edits of R&B.....

I am pleased you have come out of the closet point suppressing those feelings deep should liberate and you should feel free to matter what style it is ......the gigs will be coming in thick and fast on West Street xx

Now I am off to play some Val Doonican :)

Anonymous said...

"Hats off to Mr.Wilson" my bottom!

I do love GW, but the credit for that track should go to The PTA (aka Tyrell), who stuck out the original single - GW has popularised it (and probably coined it in from his repress), but all he really did was stitch the two sides of the single together. (Okay, and maybe loop the intro for a bit longer)

Alls fair in love and edits, but I think they deserved a bit more credit than they got on the label...

Originals, and plenty more other quality PTA stuff can be found here:

DISCLOSURE: I'm not them, I just like what they do!

Paul B said...

Fair point just listening to the PTA on the page you linked me too, I vaguely remember hearing PTA mentioned or reading in an interview, but totally forgot.

Thanks for pointing this out, I'd be slightly agreived if I were the PTA so I shall amend my post accordingly.

Keep coming back.