Friday, 1 July 2011

Local Zero's Get Closer Mix

In anticipation of another amazing season of festivals in Petrcane Croatia here's a deep disco funk mix with tasty new tracks & edits from DJ Steef (Superbreak), La Tuerie (Sleazy Beats), Leftside Wobble, Lord Of The Isles, LTJ Xperience & Ron Basejam. Mixed live & unplanned (half vinyl/half wav) to download at 320kbps for decent sound quality. 94 to 102bpm. If you like the tracks & want to buy them just click on the track links. The Patti Jo track is coming out on Cosmic Boogie July 7th.
Local Zero's Get Closer Mix by Local Zero
1. You’re So Good To Me – DJ Steef Edit [Superbreak]
2. Midnight – La Tuerie [Sleazy Beats]
3. Ain’t No Love Lost (Leftside Wobble Edit) - Patti Jo [Cosmic Boogie]
4. Little Boots (Emperor Machine Edit) – Locussolus [International Feel]
5. Crazy Clock (LTJ Xperince Remix) - Azymuth [Far Out]
6. I Wanna Be With You (Leftside Wobble Edit) - Doc Severinsen
7. SanFran Man – Ron Basejam [Redux]
8. Groove On - DJ Steef Edit [Superbreak]
9. Get Closer – Ron Basejam [Redux]
10. That Loving Feeling - DJ Steef Edit [Superbreak]
11. With An Angel – Lord of the Isles [American Standard]
12. Hell No – Ron Basejam [Redux]
13. Big Things – La Tuerie [Sleazy Beats]
14. Wind Parade (DJ Steef Edit) [Superbreak]
15. I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Cosmic Boogie Edit) - Ann Peebles

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