Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mix: Andrew Weatherall at Disco Deviant October 28

Here's the recording from Andrews last visit to Brighton. He absolutely blew us away with a sublime set of slow, moody and dark balearic thumpers. A very interesting and truly inspirational DJ. Enjoy the ride

.   Andrew Weatherall at Disco Deviant (28 Oct 2011) by The Unity Agency

If you are up for a night out this coming Saturday you could do a lot worse than joining us at The Tube on Brighton Seafront. We have put together a brilliant line up for our final DD party of 2011.

Duff Disco, Alphabet City, Lowlife's very own Matthew Burgess will all be joining Pablo Contraband & Neil Brown for the night.

Promises to be a bit special, the dinkiest little venue with a tip top sound system and a plethora of able selectors providing the tunes... all we need now is YOU on the dancefloor.

10.30pm - 4am - The Tube, Kings Arches, Brighton Seafront.

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