Saturday, 7 January 2012

It's a new year...Who Cares?

Well here's my first piece of creative output for 2012. Spent a bit of time choosing the tracks and putting them together in the right order, pretty happy with the outcome (with the usual one exception where I should've let the track run longer before mixing)

    Pablo Contraband - Who Cares? (01/2012) by Pablo Contraband

Here's the tracklist, loads of these aren't released yet so you'll just have to wait a while to get your mitts on  those, however a lot of them are available for download via Juno.

Jello Biafra  - Intro
Kid Who - Cadenza
Texas Radio & The Beat - Bassline (forthcoming on El Diablo's new label)
Kid Who - Ursa Minor
Bryan Ferry - BF Bass (Ode to Olympia)
Texas Radio & The Beat - Green (forthcoming on El Diablo's Social Club)
Ting Tings - Hang it up (Shook mix)
Andrew Clarke - We Built This (Kid Who mix) - Audio Parallax
Phenomenal Handclap Band - Walk The Night (Inst)
Sleazy McQueen - Through the Jungle - Whiskey Disco
Noir Music & Haze - Around (Solomun vox mix)
Sleazy McQueen - 1 Extra Day (Cole Medina mix) - Whiskey Disco
Radical Majic - Fiancetto (edit) - Boardroom
Penelopes - Now Now Now (Miguel Campbell dub)
Icona Pop - (CSY & Stripes mix)
Chamboche - Mello (BLM remix 2)- Black Key Records (promo)
Bowski - White Russian
Maceo Plex - I Can't Leave (Tale of Us mix)
Eric S - Hope Springs Eternal
Audiojack - Polka Dot Dress - 20/20
L-Vis 1990 - Feel the Void (Street reprise)
Audiojack - Definition of a Track - 20/20

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