Thursday, 23 February 2012

A collection of quality edits from Get Down crew in Ireland

Makes a change to be able to say how many of these free edits and dubs I like and am playing, well worth a look through the Get Down soundcloud page as there are some freebies and some available for download via Juno. Here's 4 of  our favourites that I've been feelin for a while plus a mix showcasing their edits for you all to enjoy.

  I Can Go For This (Daz`s Deep Dub Remake) Free Wav Download by DarrenDazDalton

  Get Down Edits - Who (Free Wav Download) by DarrenDazDalton

  Get Down Edits - Far Beyond (Low Res) by DarrenDazDalton

  Get Down Edits - Its Ecstasy (Free Wav Download) by DarrenDazDalton

  Daz & Martin Get Down Re-Edits Only Mix Feb 2011 by DarrenDazDalton

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