Friday, 22 June 2012

Local Zero's - You Should Know Better Mix

Another "off the cuff" mix up I thought I'd share with you lovely people. A few essential new 12s out the moment, noteably an awesome 4 track EP from LeSale forthcoming on the excellent LuvShack label, plus great stuff from Edit Murph, Baaz. Ooft!, Ben Sun & a couple of tried & tested favourites from Fanastic Man & Anton Zap. As ever comments are welcome & just click the links to buy the tracks you like. Have a great weekend. LZ 1. Edit Murphy - Brooklyn Nights (Fantastic Man Remix)[Smoke N Mirrors] 2. Fantastic Man – Groove With You [Kolour Ltd] 3. Ooft! – Make U Mine [Instruments Of Rapture] 4. LeSale – We Go Straight Ahead [Forthcoming Luv Shack 004] 5. Edit Murphy – Need You [Smoke N Mirrors] 6. LeSale – What You Get [Forthcoming Luv Shack 004] 7. Ben Sun – You Should Know Better [Delusions of Granndeur] 8. Ben La Desh – Drug Carrier [Outernational] 9. Skylevel – Hooker In Paris [Skylevel 004] 10. Anton Zap – Captain Storm [Underground Quality] 11. Baaz – In My Mind [Office Recordinggs] 12. Trevor Deep Jr – Still Raw [Delsin] 13. Baaz - Glim [Office Recordinggs] 14. Anton Zap – Clarksville [Etheral Sound]

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