Sunday, 8 July 2012

100'000 visitors reached and breached. Free track

  No Memory (DD EDIT) - Pablo Contraband & Alphabet City by Pablo Contraband

Really happy to have had over 100K visitors on Disco Deviant, it's taken a while but we have reached a nice milestone, keep coming back as they say!  Got something special as a celebratory thankyou. Exclusive.

Another killer cut from the coloured vinyl archives. A classic from the early 90's club circuit championed by Weatherall initially on the scene, although it is actually a Pete Waterman signing and production! Israeli pop and camp as Christmas - made total sense on a couple of doves.

There are 100 D/L's now available of this, I've been playing it here and there and its worked for me everytime.

Again got to credit Alphabet City for the speed in the studio...still think we need to take 4-8 bars out the mid section though..?

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