Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Weatherall next, beards at the ready. Nov 2 2012, The Loft, Brighton

We are happy to put on a series of parties at one of our favourite Brighton venues. Sound issues had prevented us using this friendly and intimate space, but these have since been resolved and after standing in the sweet spot we signed up for a couple of parties.

Andrew Weatherall (A Love from Outer Space) has been the focus if a longstanding love affair. One that we have no intention of relinquishing anytime soon, The Governor, The Major, The Chairman are all nicknames often bandied around when Andrew is


It's a pleasure to invite him to play at the venue where Disco Deviant was concieved. Resident DJ Pablo Contraband is once again bestowed the honour of getting things underway at what can surely only be a dream gig for him. (It's also his birthday so it's a double whammy really!)

Duncan Patterson has been dying to get on the decks at Disco Deviant and get the party started for a while now so after some gentle persuasion he's been added to the line up.

We are in a smaller venue by design and our hope is we sell out in advance meaning the crowd is made up of an audience there for all the right reasons. Capacity is only 180 so buying a ticket is advisable if you want to guarantee entry.

There are some limited Early beards available at £SOLD OUT! each so get in there!


Here's a recording including a track listing from the last time Andrew played for us in April 2012

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