Saturday, 26 January 2013

Ears Have Eyes Recordings

Bit of DD love here for good friends of mine Joe Brooke-Smith and Miles Davies. Having thrown their under-the-radar Ears Have Eyes parties in East London over the last 3 years, they have made the jump into the world of label ownership with the creation of 'Ears Have Eyes Recordings'.

The focus for the label is not to put out a prolific selection of throwaway releases to blend in with the crowds but to deliver cherished pieces of music crafted by artists who believe in what they do. "Whether it be post punk, dub-disco, acid folk or warm analogue house the mission is to create a string of releases infused with love, character and personality".

The first release more than achieves this and comes in the form of a lovely little 10" vinyl and digital  release featuring post-punk outfit 'Snapped Ankles'. Lead track 'True Ecology (shit everywhere)' is post punk stomper with bags of energy. Bloody infectious too. The flip see's Joe and Miles work their magic with their 'Fools Mix', shunting the track back into more familiar dance floor territory with a dubbed out disco/house feel.

Both the lead track and the remix are working the magic here. Really good stuff. My vinyl arrived with a hand written note signed by a certain Mr Terry Wogan too. I can't confirm or deny if this was the man himself but it'll do until I'm informed otherwise. If it's good enough for Tel.........

Available to buy now at Bandcamp

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