Saturday, 23 February 2013

Spike - Orange Cloud Nine

I haven't been able to stop listening to this since grabbing a copy a few weeks ago. The release is a full album of old material from Dutch artist Spike, who privately released a handful of albums in the early 80's. Sounding like the Eagles nicked some acid and then teamed up with The Alan Parsons Project for a fucked up studio session, it's a great collection of off kilter, trippy songs that keep the interest going by combining bitter sweet melodies and enchanting guitar work with some more darker and psychedelic twist and turns. A full release is planned soon.

There aren't many sound clips out there yet but there are quite a few bits off the album to be found on the excellent Golf Channel RA Mix from a few years back. A great listen that features a load of other Golf Channels tracks that we love.

You can download it here.

Track listing:

Spike: The Golden Eye
Gala Drop: Overcoat Heat
Ghost Note: Kapwa
Dominik Von Sender: No Name 2009
DJ Nature: Feeling Like a Woman
DJ Nature: It’s Over
DJ Nature: This Side of Heaven
DJ Nature: Everyone
Gala Drop: Izod
Ghost Note: Holy Jungle
Try To Find Me: Get to My Baby (TBD Extension)
Try To Find Me: Make Dance
Sexican: Liza Version In C#5
Justin Vandervolgen: Clapping Song
Ghost Note: Albularyo
Try To Find Me: Hey Love
Justin Vandervolgen: Sheebooyah
M.E.: R+B Drunkie
DJ Nature: Destiny Reprise
Spike: E.S. Rever
Spike: Fooling Around
Spike: Goodnight

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