Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Disco Deviant: Late Nite Tuff Guy, Rayko & Pablo Contraband at The Loft, Brighton on June 1st

Australia's Cam Bianchetti had already established himself as a bit of a legend on the Techno circuit many moons ago as DJ HMC.

However his recent incarnation as Late Nite Tuff Guy, a disco centric editor and DJ has captured the attention and imagination of many and the news has travelled far and wide. He continues to gain fans via his Soundcloud which bears testament to his prolific production rate.

He has been somewhat selective with his releases and keeps much of his work back for his own DJ sets and to share with a select few; Greg Wilson has been a big fan of his work for a while and his sets often feature a handful of Late Nite Tuff Guy tracks.

Speaking recently to RA, Greg neatly summed up his skills as a producer; "Cam has the knack of picking the right track to edit, which is an ability you've either got or you haven't—an instinctive thing, not a learnt one, he knows how to take something from the past and put a contemporary spin on it, making it more DJ-friendly in a modern context, without losing the essence of the original version, which was what made it a great track in the first place." - Greg Wilson

Disco Deviant has the pleasure of hosting LNTG's UK debut in Brighton on Saturday June 1st - which also marks the start of a three month European Tour for LNTG.

Also on the bill another leading light of the modern disco scene; Rayko will be flying in from Madrid for the occasion, before commencing a tour of Asia, a further continuation of his Worldwide Boogie Crusade.

Disco Deviant's very own Pablo Contraband will be putting his own slant on the dancefloor with the disco-house hybrid he has become known for.

The scene is set for another excellent night under the disco ball in sunny Brighton. Tickets are £10 each available from Resident Advisor & Ran$om Note 


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