Thursday, 26 September 2013

Commercially Viable podcast series - kicks off with Pablo Contraband

Disco Deviant's 'Commercially Viable' challenge was quite simply to put a selection of well known artists and tracks that fall pretty much into the commercial category, without selling out. An air of credibility is crucial for this as we are inviting some pretty well known DJ's to give it a go. 

Here's the tracklist from #1

Controversy - Prince (aka Do I Believe in God -- LNTG)
Once in Lifetime - Talking Heads (Gigamesh mix)
Sign of the Times - Prince (aka Signs - WiLDCATS)
Nothing Going On But The Rent - Gwen Guthrie (Dino Lenny 2013 cover)
Sing it Back - Moloko (Mousse T Feel Love mix)
What A Difference Your Love Makes - Basement Jaxx (Miguel Campbell mix)
You Make Lovin Fun - Fleetwood Mac (Trail mix)

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