Thursday, 2 January 2014

Disco Deviant with Psychemagik, Pablo Contraband & Wild Fantasy

The UK duo, known for their beautiful production work, prolific remixing skills, obscenely vast record collections and transcendent mixtape journeys, are being heralded as a truly unique and positive presence across today’s music scenes.
Psychemagik’s first appearance on wax was an edit of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’, which quickly found its way into the record bags of veterans like Tom Middleton and Greg Wilson. The duo have since released an impressive array of highly acclaimed original productions, remixes and edits. They play regularly at major festivals, clubs and special events around the globe.
Their studio output is prolific to say the least; original productions such as Valley Of Paradise and the Lunar Escape EP, recent remix projects include Bryan Ferry, Haim, Boy George, Einaudi, Azari & III, Metronomy, Chapel Club, Kauf and Mirror People.
And then there’s the edits. Their 2012 version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’, a follow up to ‘Everywhere’, topped the Hype Machine charts and has gained some serious props from around the globe. They have also released a whole host of edits on their Healin’ Feelin and Discotheque Wreckers imprints, all of which made the Juno top sellers list.

Disco Deviant main man Pablo Contraband will also be joined by Wild Fantasy a new guise of friends Neal Schtumm & Andy Singh, and the perfect compliment to the line up.
Looking forward to what should be a night packed with musical treasures and dancefloor bombs.

Early Birds £6.50
Adv £8

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Pavel Nosau said...

Where Can I Get a Vinyl Sticker of Disco Deviant?! I want this thing to shine on my car!!!