Monday, 16 March 2009

March mix tape - Pablo Contraband

Tracklist: 1 God made me funky 2 Superstition (todd terje)- Stevie 3 Lullaby (remix)- Cure 4 Nipple to the Bottle (splice edit)- Grace Jones 5 Lady don't tek no 6 So Ruff. So Tuff (splice;s edit) 7 Blowing up the barrio- fort knox five 8 Don't let go (pete herbert edit) 9 Esta Si, Esta No - Glimmers 10 Ballerina- Lindstrom+Prins Thomas 11 Dance Reaction - Metro area 12 Baja (Jellybean dub)- Mascara 13. Addicted funk (bass mix)- rockma 14 Treat me right(edit)- Ruby Winters 15. Jump to it (Prince Klaasen edit)- Aretha

Pablo will be Playing 100Below with The Recess on April 4th, Disco Deviant with Andy (soft rocks) April 9th and will be in residence for Inside Out and Go Bang! parties throughout the summer in Brighton.

A request I had earlier from Andy for Geraldine Hunt - Can't Fake the feeling. Gina's favourite track at the moment, thatnks to GW essential mix it's becoming a firm favourite on the dancefloor too. Enjoy

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