Monday, 2 March 2009

Greg Wilson footage @ Loft - Brighton

We were lucky enough to be at a superb night in Brighton on Friday, Danny + Pablo did a fine job warming up, before Greg Wilson came on and took us to new heights. The atmosphere was electric. Highlights included Chic - I want your love (terje edit), DD - Don't let go (pete herbert edit), Atlantic Conveyor - We are, and a sublime mix of Yazoo - Situation (dub) into Voodoo Ray. Utter brilliance.

The Pablo + Danny are back on April 9th (Easter Thursday) @ Jazz Place with Soft Rocks as guests. Should be worth checking out. More Info


Go Bang Brighton Festival 2009 said...

Great Party, much fun had by us all I reckon. You out n about this weekend dude?

Affy's should be good as Neal is on duty.

Anonymous said...

awesome night......absolute belter :)

Just received a copy of that Pete Herberts edit of Tony Orlando though the post this morning ...great stuff..

so when is Greg Wilson back in Brighton?

See you at Disco Deviant ;)

Paul B said...

Hi guys - I am about in the daytime but evening not so sure yet Ali, - Don't let go, really seemed to hit the collective spot @ the Loft and has been a real groover in many a dj's set... I even dropped it at Buddha afterhours with no complaints recently.

Greg is back with us in July... Audio or King and Queen that is the question?

Go Bang Brighton Festival 2009 said...

Standing by mate, who's next on the list?

Reckon Brighton is just about getting ready for it now