Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tornnado Wallace

A heads up here about a great new artist from down under. Some of you may of heard some of his equally excellent earlier stuff under his real name, Lewie Day, from my Deep Resonance mix on soundcloud. This EP is coming out on Sleazy Beats Recordings in May & I've reserved my copy already.

Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies EP - SBR003 by Tornado Wallace

Also check out his latest mix. Great stuff.

Ruff Jam Audio 16 - Tornado Wallace by Tornado Wallace


1. Andras Fox - Gettin' Into You [CDR]
2. Tornado Wallace - Stop Holding Back [sleazybeats]
3. The Cool Notes - Natural Energy (Touchsoul Edit)
4. Vincenzo & Elmar Schubert - Wanna Love You [freerange]
5. Rondenion - Necessary One For Me [still music]
6. Alex Agore - Without Cha [4lux black]
7. A Made Up Sound - Late Drive [philpot]
8. Tornado Wallace - Paddlin' [delusions of grandeur]
9. I.F.M - Yes We Are (Bonus Deep Mix} [drumpoet community]
10. Mike Buhl & Andy Hart - Hacienda (Lewie Day Remix) [haul]
11. Kink - Bitter Sweet [liebe detail]
12. Fudge Fingas - MmmmHmmm [prime numbers]
13. Scott Grooves - Expansions (Joe Clausell Simplamental Mix) [soma]

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Paul B said...

nice grab Mr D