Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Some great new stuff out this week, Rayko, Cosmic Boogie, Andy Ash, Wolf Music, DSO

I have to give a quick plug to some of my favourite DJ's and producers once in a while and this morning it's quite right I should Rayko, Cosmic Boogie, Andy Ash, all feature in the Juno Top 10 twice along with Deep Space Orchestra, Neil Diablo and Gazeebo also in there.

It's great to see them all doing so well with consistently high quality tracks and remixes it's no surprise really.

There is also the new Wolf Music & Sleazy Beats double CD compilation of their back catalogue and a mix of the tracks by Cosmic Boogie

I wanna see all my friends at once is out now on CD so go grab yours HERE

If you are looking at getting any of these guys along to DJ at your party, we are all under the same booking agent The Unity Agency. Contact:


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