Friday, 14 October 2011

The Mix they tried to ban - Track Marks by Pablo Contraband

Soundcloud blocked it for copyright. They won't stop me posting it here though.

100 downloads only

Fresh selection from Pablo Contraband.

'More about the tracks and the flow than anything - have been wanting to record a selection of music that I feel totally connected with from start to finish. This most definitely qualifies'

Track marks

my sweet prince - placebo
looter - ron basejam
once upon a time (sour grapes mix) - dorothy's ghost
sutphin boulevard (bicep mix) - blood orange
whipped cream (darabi mix) - homework
fianchetto (edit) - radical majik
lang tung ting - prins thomas
indoor pool (soft rocks mix) - runaway
twirl & the beanstalk - tornado wallace
boogie thru the night - sleazy mcqueen
red right hand (rio lobotomy mix) - nick cave & the bad seeds
living the life (abu therapy mix) - art department ft. seth troxler
baby i got it (richy ahmed mix) - miguel campbell
metro bunker - ryan crosson
berlin sunrise (lee jones mix) - fink

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