Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New EP from House of Disco + Toby Tobias at Savage Pony

New EP from House of Disco featuring 4 tracks from various artists that I'm assuming are favourites of theirs is set to drop on vinyl shortly and here's where you can pre-order yours. The last one was a really good vinyl release selling a fair whack before they let it go out on digital. 

They have been running an excellent site for a while now that sends its subscribers a track almost every day of the week, as well as featuring guest mixes and interviews from artists around the globe. Great place to check in if you are a fan of House and Disco. Click here 

They also co-run a monthly session in Dalston under the guise of Savage Pony at the recently re-furbed Junction Room. Last month they had Tornado Wallace join them in testing the frequencies of the all new sound system, it's safe to say it passed the acid test. This month see's Toby Tobias guesting with the option of 2 rooms to choose from playing in. The basement has now opened its doors for business and will add another dimension to the venue. Why not take a trip down there on Friday Oct 14th and see for yourself. Savage Pony kicks off at 9pm and keeps going deep into the early hours - amazingly it's FREE.

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