Thursday, 29 November 2012

Get your excuses in early... Yeah thanks Mum, gonna need to shoot off pretty early Boxing Day though ;)

C.O.R have been throwing legendary parties on Boxing Day along the South Coast in Southsea. Greg Wilson, Diesel, Graeme Park, Ashley Beedle & Alfredo have all joined the friendliest gang of disco reprobates you are ever likely to meet for some well organised debauches over the years. I'm a big fan and love their parties but have yet to make it along to a Boxing Day beano. This year it's gonna be different, plans are being made, excuses in early and a mid morning departure from the family should be pretty smooth. No Turkey sandwiches for me, I'm off to a Vintage Holiday themed H.O.U.S.E party! Tickets are available very shortly and the info you'll need is here FB EVENT By the end of play we can see a few of the crowd rolling out some Party Chat for the remaining post - Christmas telly sessions...see below!

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