Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Disco Deviant Promote Diversity Special: No Crime, No Punishment - Friday 6th September, Audio, Brighton

House music sure isn’t the answer to everything but when Disco Deviant’s Pablo Contraband and DJ Kate Wildblood and artist Karol Michalec of Brighton Supports LGBT Russia got talking about the abominable situation Putin’s anti-gay propaganda laws are creating in Russia today, they knew they wanted to do something in Brighton clubland to help create awareness and raise much needed campaigning funds for All Out. Alongside nightclubs across the globe including Berlin’s Berghain, New York’s Output and Munich’s Harry Klein, Disco Deviant’s Promote Diversity Special: No Crime No Punishment will be making a defiant noise courtesy of some of clubland’s finest DJs including global superstar and Big Love head honcho Seamus Haji, Southern Fried and Up Yours wonder Hifi Sean and Jon Pleased Wimmin, whose ventures at clubs including Taboo, Sacrosanct, the Mud Club, Pushca, Back To Basics and Miss Moneypennies have made him a true clubland legend.

Disco Deviant’s Promote Diversity Special: No Crime No Punishment will be an All Out fundraiser, delivering a club night where regardless of who you love, you too can stand beside the Russian LGBT community and say ‘nyet’ to the anti-gay legalisation, ‘nyet’ to hate crimes, nyet to gay teen suicides and nyet to Putin. Its time four to the floor showed homophobia the door.

‘As a gay man I feel duty bound to bring these Draconian goings-on in Russia to people's attention. It's easy for us in the West to take our equality and progress for granted. The world simply mustn't be allowed to move backwards.’ Jon Pleased Wimmin

‘I am getting involved with Disco Deviant’s Promote Diversity Fundraiser simply because human rights are being attacked in Russia in an immoral and barbaric way, right now, in the year 2013. If we don't do something now and make our voices heard then what future lies ahead of us all?’ Hifi Sean

"I'm amazed that in this day and age gay people are still fighting for equal rights. I've played all over Russia for many years and the people I've come into contact with have never appeared to be anti gay and in fact, many of the clubs are mixed so there's a strong gay element. Mixing with the new generation in the music world I find they are fortunately much more open minded than some of the older generation or more conservative, younger generation. Music has always brought people together and knocked down barriers so I am very honoured to be asked to play in support of the protest" Seamus Haji

Disco Deviant Promote Diversity Special: No Crime No Punishment
Jon Pleased Wimmin
Seamus Haji
Hifi Sean (Beyond / Orange)
Pablo Contraband (Disco Deviant)
Kate Wildblood & Queen Josephine (Wild Fruit / DSD)
Hosted by Karol Michalec

Audio, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton Friday 6th September
£7 Adv /£10 Door (All profits to All Out and their continuing work in promoting diversity and defending the rights of those now under attack and facing criminal charges in Russia)

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