Tuesday, 7 October 2008

DC-10 forced to close again... possibly for the last time is reporting that authorities closed DC-10 this morning mere minutes before Circoloco was set to begin with its penultimate 2008 edition.

The embattled venue was closed earlier this summer, forced by authorities to serve out the remainder of the 60 day ban that had been handed down in 2007. After opening again in mid-August for business, however, last week the Sant Josep Council made the decision to inform the club of yet another sanction: a €300,000 fine and closure for 1 year.

Once again, it seems as if the legal issue is the capacity of the club, which is only officially allowed to have 65 people on the premises at any one time. Ibizavoice reports that DC10 appealed the decision, but that "the Judge refused to retract after balancing the financial interests of DC10 with the obvious discrepancy in the number of people allowed in, and actually attending, the club."

As it stands now, the next time it will be possible for the club to open will be in 2010, but considering how arduous the legal process has been thus far, we'd advise clubbers not to hold their breath. The Ibiza hotspot may finally have seen its 'final' party.

Authorities close DC10 once again

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