Thursday, 9 October 2008

Shit hot friday

Just picked up the new album from one of my favourites Kings of Leon. I loved Because of the Times and Only by the Night is no disappointment either. On first hearing its good, but given a bit of time I'm sure there are a few greats on here. I remember it took me a fair few listens of the previous album too identify On Call, Knocked up & Ragoo as absolute killer tracks, I'm still dropping them today and they always get a great reaction.

Went and saw The Ting Tings play in London on Weds night, pretty good live, although they don't have much material to work with right now.

They have had 3 great singles from their first album and are more palatable than the white stripes on stage, will they have enough new ideas and talent to stick around? I hope so.

They were on and off stage within an hour including an encore, suits me on a weds night!

Been listening to a lot of live and demo material from various Brighton bands and singer/songwriters, for a number of gigs I'm programming. Here's a couple of the best bits...

This is by Little Frank - I don't have a title I'm afraid

This is from a great singer Carly Bryant, check her covering Scissor sisters -Take Ya Mama

Let me know about any other local/touring acts that are worth checking out and are looking for gigs.

These guys are playing OM in Brighton next Thursday, so come along if you can.

Now on to something different - a couple of Disco delicacies for you.

Issac Hayes - Disco Connection

Dusty Springfield - That's the Kind of Love I got for you

Both nice disco tracks - I love the strings on Dusty.... anyway I've got a couple of gigs over the weekend and then seeing my Mum on Sunday, nice, I hope you enjoy your weekend. Bye

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