Sunday, 5 October 2008

A couple of Sunday tracks for you - Are they Balearic..?

The weathers taken a turn for the worst here with cold, rain and winds, giving us plenty of reasons to just stay indoors.

The 2 gigs I played this weekend were fairly quiet compared to previous weekends, which was disappointing - it was payday this week for most people but the streets were fairly quiet all the same.

Anyhow, I went on to a friends birthday at a balearic night that has switched venues recently, Trevor Fung was booked to play an Italo/Balearic set, 2 wooly genres in my experience... normally it means old records when people mention balearic/italo.

I arrived and within 25 minutes I had heard the most obvious of choices played in fairly rapid succession, Stretch's - Why did you do it? (albeit it a remix) - My Bloody Valentine - Glider (Weatheralls mix).... yawn... oh and just to show I wasn't unlucky the piano intro from Bocca Juniors' - Raise soon followed, the best of the bunch so far.

I was feeling that this nostalgia was forced, thrust at me, with no real thought or imagination...

I didn't stick around for Trevor Fungs set, but I wonder if he freshened things up at all... I would of stayed to find out, but aa unforgivably dodgy track meant I had to leave...

Love is Contagious .... possibly by Nina?? Dear me... TAXI!!

I love music enough to listen to all sorts and I understand balearic, but if we're gonna have a renaissance of this genre, whats wrong with mixing it up a bit, instead of constantly sweeping out the Shoom cupboard..

Here's a couple I think of as Balearic...

Badly Drawn Boy - Promises (Reverso 68 mix)

Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man (Morgan Geist edit)

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

what is Balearic? ans: Some islands in the med :)

Such a naff music term imo.(even though I use it freely on my blog haha).. .and some of the music that gets played raises a few eyebrows...

I get what you are saying about obvious tune selections...and I also attended a night that played the same selection....but it depends what side of the fence you sit on......... everyday revellers who want to relive the past will dance until they wear tiny holes in their spanish espadrilles to a "classic" selection of Alfredo's, rampling, weatheralls play list... but DJ's in the crowd are always the tough nuts to crack.....but variation is the key to a good night out imo :)

Nice tracks...are they Balearic...dunno..what is balearic..I thought it what some Islands in the med :)

Loving the blog..keep it up...I'll put a linkage up on mine :)

drkhrse said...

Cheers acido - just reading through, and I agrre with all the points you have made. Variation and imagination are key.

Cheers man