Monday, 18 April 2011

What a night we had with Weatherall... Great 2nd Birthday

We had an absolutely incredible night on Friday at Audio, a great turn out and some excellent tunes. A BIG thanks to Andrew for a memorable set of chuggers... Balearic Psyche Disco is how I would describe it.

An even BIGGER thank you to all of you that came out, I was really chuffed to see so many of you there, loads of familiar faces in the club and a great atmosphere all night long the DD edit of No Memory certainly seemed to whet a few appetites...

From the moment Andrew pitched my last track (Ron Basejam's Edit of Serious by Donna Allen) down and down until it started to sound like a dub track I knew we were in for the treatment. Sure enough we weren't disappointed 106 - 112 bpm for the first hour or more, apart from Birdshell - Craig Bratley I barely recognised another track until towards the end of his set. The dance floor rocked and swayed punctuated with the occasional cheers and whistles you would expect before another explosion of energy.

It is a great feeling when you know everyone there has come out especially for the music and the intention is to dance all night with someone they regard as outstanding at the helm. Friday night was a prime example of this in effect, loads of the crowd were in the same spot, dancing for the duration.

It's rare that this happens - nightclubs nowadays seem to attract a lot of random punters, with other priorities like taking pictures and showing off ranking far higher than the music or dancing.

Weatherall, Greg Wilson, The Revenge have all attracted a music led audience to Disco Deviant it's a pleasure to be part of and exciting to play at. I'm looking forward to Horse Meat Disco debuting for us on Friday June 3rd at Audio. Jim Stanton and Severino will more than likely deliver the goods via the more power packed aspects of Disco alongside some Chicago and contemporary house. Myself & Go Bang DJ's will be sandwiched either side of the HMD guys so another one we're getting over excited about already.

Check back later in the week for a recording of my set and hopefully I may have something from Andrew too.  Got to say Andy G came on back to back with me for the last hour and we gave the place a massive shot of adrenaline, really loved finishing off like that and seeing the place go mad before a closing track with the house lights up, the footage of which is below.

If you had a good time come too HMD on June 3rd there are some limited £5 early birds up for grabs on RA LINK

We are also holding a Free Entry Terrace Party on Easter Sunday 3.30pm - Late - It's on Audio's terrace spilling into the bar as the evening draws in. Deep House and Disco are the order of the day.


Unknown said...

Top night, Paul. I threw more shapes than a 40-something oughta. There was a mix of M's 'Pop Muzik' (by Todd Terje, our man Leggatt searched it out) early in Th'Chairman's set.

Anonymous said...

Original Mix of Boutade by Mugwump. Need.