Monday, 12 September 2011

Tim Rivers - Acid Rain Psyche Disco mix

Despite my efforts to book him into various mainstream and ill fitting gigs around Brighton (sometimes successfully!) it appears he has maintained close relations with the slightly unusual and underground. I've just finished listening to a refined selection of mid tempo tracks laced with acidic bleeps, deep percussive loops and some lively horns in places. Beatfanatic gets involved on a couple of occasions with his off key sensibilities shining through. The breakdown in Fernado - Non Stop shows Fabrizio Mammarella's remixing abilities are still in fine form.

Give it a whirl - DL are long since caned on Soundcloud so here's a link  CLICK 4 ACID

Track listing

01. Beatfanatic - Fashion Gang
02. Farah - Law of life
03. Kalidasa - Bursting through
04. Fernando - Non Stop (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
05. Heals of Love - Slow
06. Beatfanatic - Move on
07. Heals of Love - The Beat
08. Ilya Santana - Dance Beyond
09. 40 ThievesCrystal Mountain Thunder
10. Heels of LoveFinal Steps
11. Alien Alien - Sambaca (Heels of Love Remix)
12. Bottin, Francisco & Rodion - BFR(Space)
13. Downtown Party Network - We are cats (Nacho Marco Acid remix)
14. Blood Orange - The Complete knock (Bottin Mix)
15. Social Disco Club - Peaceful Warrior Soft Rocks Jesus Convention Remix)
Recorded Live @ Casa Del Acid, Brighton

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