Monday, 15 February 2010

And for my first post....

Big thanks to Pablo Contraband for inviting me to contribute to the ever popular Disco Deviant blog - I'll mostly be introducing a selection of new and old music which you may know & love or may have long forgotten in a dance floor daze....

Setting the mood and mellow pace, first up for the Deviant treatment is "Fly Away / Walking In Sunshine" released by Laid Back in the summer of 1984.

Laid Back were Tim Stahl & John Guldberg who hail from Denmark - which explains the occasional Euro-land lyric.

The track first appeared on Germany's Metronome Records as a B side - the flip was the underground favourite, "White Horse", an electro-funk track of epic proportions which - at the insistence of Prince - was included on the B side of the original 12" pressing of "When Doves Cry"....good on you, little purple man.

This balearic gem won't be a stranger to some of you - being an end of night tune favoured by a certain DJ Harvey - "Fly Away.." clocks in at just under 8 1/2 minutes and through it's hypnotic, gently modulating main riff, softly sung vocals, ba-ba-ba-ba chorus and steel drums, the track always evokes warm, sunny vibes......aaah, sunshine......enjoy!

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Paul B said...

welcome to the fold - nice to have you on board