Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Danny Webb - Above Audio - Friday Night, Brighton

Here's an update of what's happening in the DD camp - a few party's & bar gig's planned this coming month.

This Fri 26th Feb Above Audio 10-3am (Free)

Manchester's Danny Webb ( El Diablo's / Piccadilly) joins Pablo to air some of his fine collection of Disco, Boogie, Funk, House and other golden nuggets collected over the years. Half price cocktails and £2.50 selected bottles/spirit & mixer.

Fri 5th March The Globe , Middle street, basement 10-3am (Free)
Pablo, Andy G & Local Zero - the DD blog's authors get it together to all DJ at this monthly session. Lovely vibe, great music, decent sound. Come kick it.

Fri 19th Mar - Audio - Norman Jay MBE, Pablo Contraband, Ali & Affy (Go Bang Brighton) - groovy! Tickets are out there at £8 a pop. 11-4am

Fri 26th March - Above Audio - Leftside Wobble will grace us with his trademark 'acid soul' - oh yesssss.

Looking at the month ahead I just may have kittens!

Please let people know about the FB group/blog if you think they would be into it, help spread the word.

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