Saturday, 12 February 2011

3 Hour Billy Scurry Mix

The last time I was speaking to Billy Scurry it was over a very cold beer at a very warm beach bar on the Adriatic coast during last year's brilliant Electric Elephant Festival. Today I find myself communicating with the same man via e-mail from an occasionally sunny but chilly Brighton.

Hailing from Ireland, Billy has been a lifetime lover of all things musical and over the last 20 years his always eclectic style has seen him hold - now legendary - residencies at Ireland's The Temple of Sound, The Kitchen and The Ormonde.

Digging deep, Billy brings the sunshine back here in the form of his latest 'Fever' mix - a 3 hour excursion into the depths of his record box that takes in Soul, Funk, House, Disco and everything in between. This is very good indeed.

Billy Scurry... Fever Pt II by billyscurry

I'm off to open a beer and stand by the radiator with my shades on.......

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Anonymous said...

That's my afternoon sorted. Thanks!