Monday, 14 February 2011

Blunted Funk - Hunt Up Town

Here's a bit of a treat from an old Maidenhead cohort of mine Blunted Funk aka Ronnie Turner. He was spinning tunes and rolling blunts come to think of it whilst I was still in my teenage guitar band phase, he was more than ready for when a few of us graduated post Glastonbury onto the baggy / rave / club scene.

He was spinning alongside Weatherall, Phil Perry, Rocky & Diesel, Marvin Connors, Farley and all the usual suspects circa 88-93 in London, Windsor, Slough and Maidenhead. Good times, great memories and some wild times were had.

Nice to re-acquaint recently online and see the fire is still burning. A great example of Ronnie's eclectic tastes and experience can be heard in this Blunted Funk track. A real melting pot of styles and sounds fused remarkably well into the mixdown. Starts off sounding quite broken beat, building into a slightly more driving and acidic vibe before finally bursting into a sun kissed horn section after the breakdown. Impressive as none of it sounds forced or out of place. Something a bit different for those craving the summer.

  Blunted Funk hunt up town mixdown by BLUNTED FUNK

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