Monday, 28 February 2011

Greg Wilson @ Disco Deviant - Live Mix 25.2.11 - Brighton

Greg played another packed party for us on Friday night at Audio, Brighton. Whilst Matthew Burgess & I warmed things up, Greg discovered he had an issue with his laptop and controller so had to revert to CD's at the last minute.... not that it had any negative impact on his performance and his trusty Revox B-77 was in full effect throughout.

There was a great crowd in and an amazing atmosphere had built up, a really nice mix from teens through to those of us well into their thirties and beyond. Audio have added some new elements to their sound system and DJ booth and the resulting sound quality was notably better than in 2010.

What followed was a creative and fresh set that really took the roof off. Featuring tracks and edits from DJ Agent 86, Pink Floyd, Odyssey, Keep Schtum, Dimitri from Paris, Prince, Prince Language, Escort, Greg Wilson, Donna Allen, Ron Basejam and many more.

It's safe to say Greg really enjoyed his visit to Brighton and the reception you guys gave him, a top night with an atmosphere and sound that was really up there with the best.

Here's the first hour which was recorded for you to enjoy.
  Greg Wilson @ DISCO DEVIANT BRIGHTON 25.02.11 by Pablo Contraband


nigeyb said...

The download is coming down the line as I type. Look forward to it. Greg is a total legend. Hope you enjoyed badminton today I only play against pensioners - it gives me a better chance of winning ;-)

Jo Bradders said...

Thanks to all of you for an absolutely cracking night. And thanks for the download I'm sure it will jog a few forgotten memories!