Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Go Bang on Friday 1st April / Tom Demac plays Brighton on April 8th??? apparently not

Nice little line up from newcomers to the Brighton Club circuit MOODY DISCO, looks like they are intent on bringing some of the more happening underground DJ's and live sets onto the scene here in Brighton. A lot of the time it can be quite frustrating and a bit of a worry booking some of the lesser know talent as the crowd simply do not recognise the name, and therefore don't come. However the Moody Disco guy's aren't deterred by that, it seems they have pretty good taste and aren't afraid to take a risk or two. They've already had a great night at Life with Simon Baker for their launch and tell me this is just the start of great things in 2011.

Just heard Tom Demac is no longer playing.... ???
They have also booked Maxxi Soundsystem to play with Tom Demac on Friday 8th which is a smart move, they have a nice following locally and have had some widespread success with thier edit of Alexander O Neal - Criticize being played pretty much everywhere.

This looks like a good show, with a lot of time having gone into networking with other DJ's and promoters, trying to unite rather than compete all the time; sounds like the right formula.  Also looking forward to some of the other bookings I have heard about, most notably Lee Foss coming into Brighton on April 29th.

This Friday, April 1 see's Go Bang return to The Green Door Store 11 - late for their bi-monthly warehouse session. Things have come a long way since the small and fractured Brighton bar sessions were turned into the Go Bang Festival - a united celebration of the groove led music that was so absent from the majority of Brighton's late night spots.

That was 4 years ago and times have changed, we have since seen some real success in getting the groove led, disco and deeper house sounds played out and reaching a wider audience on a more regular basis in Brighton. This is a great example of sticking to one's guns paying off. Along with Maxxi /Schtumm and Disco Deviant, Go Bang have found a firm footing in the town and have exploded out of sweaty cellars into Festival Tents (calabash @ pride), 1000+ Concert Halls (The Dome) and now a regular Warehouse party at The Green Door.

The main thing that's noticeable at Go Bang is the crowd, it's grown bigger with many younger faces joining the throng of regular Go Gang Bangers, the focus is always on the music and the dancefloor. Coats are soon slung down (usually in the direction of the DJ booth cum cloakroom!) and the dancing gets underway.

It's hot, it's usually fairly loud and there are lot's of smiles. The other notable thing is with the exception of NYE they are usually FREE to get in. The same will apply on Friday night so if you haven't been before why not get down there on Friday - just make sure you arrive early enough to get in, it's a regulars night and it will get pretty busy by 12.

Looking slightly further ahead Disco Deviant celebrates it's 2nd Birthday on Friday April 15th with Andrew Weatherall, Nocturnal, Pablo, Local Zero & Johnny Jilted at Audio. It's set to be a crazy night so grab yourselves a ticket if you are planning on coming. They are selling very well so don't miss the boat! LINK

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